Instant Outdoor Room: Benefits of Patio Shades


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Install Patio Shades and Make More Use of Your Outdoor Space

Many homeowners are unaware of the potential and versatility that comes with patio spaces, and how it can be the perfect place for hosting or just hanging out, year-round.

How They Work

Patio shades come in different track styles, and can be motorized or manual. Both of them are retractable so you can put them away whenever you want.

Track Styles

Our motorized retractable screens can be recessed from view by integration with the building structure or surface mounted onto existing structures, enhancing your outdoor living area and maintaining the aesthetic appeal.

Cable Track

Cable Track patio shades extend and retract shade fabric along heavy duty cables.

Cable Track Features
Open Roll or Cassette Housing
Manual or Motorized
Max Width: 20″

Sealed Track System

Sealed Track shades pulls fabric taut and provides a seal to keep out bugs and debris from entering your patio.

Sealed Track Features
Cassette Housing
Motorized Only
Go Up to 30’ wide and 16’ tall

Enhancing the Outdoors

Think of your patio as an extra room to host your guests or when you simply need some extra space to lounge about.

During the warmer months, your patio shades can significantly reduce the glare and heat of the sun entering your patio area.

During the colder months, use your patio shades as a way to keep the heat in when using space heaters on your patio.

Other Benefits of Patio Shades

  • Custom Sun Blockage & Colors – Choose a fabric and frame color to match your home’s style, and how much % sun blockage. 
  • Retractable – Easily retract that shade away when you don’t need them.
  • Don’t Lose Your View – You can still see out into your yard through shades.
  • HOA Friendly – All Pro works with HOA’s requirements to provide approved colors & styles.

Should You Install Patio Shades?

If you want to spend more time outside in the sunny state of Arizona, then it’s definitely worth considering patio shades for your home.

Whether you are renovating or buying a new construction home, condo, or flipping a home — adding patio shades bring an extra layer of comfort and appeal to your outdoor area. Motorized, Sealed Track System shades allow homeowners the luxury of creating an Arizona Room at the touch of a button.

More Luxurious Shade Options

Get Patio Shades from All Pro Shade Concepts

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For the most reliable shade solutions in Arizona, you can trust All Pro.

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