Hosting Visitors? Prepare Your Home for Arizona’s Tourist Season


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Provide Guests With Comfort and Enjoyment

It’s tourist season here in Arizona with the temps finally exiting the triple digits, and you might be expecting some friends and family members over. What should you do to prepare your home and how can you provide visitors with comfort?

Here’s a short guide on how to wow your guests!

Prepare a List of Necessities

Keeping track of all that you need for the day(s) you’re hosting visitors is key to being more organized, making for an enjoyable experience for you and your guests. Make sure your bathroom is clean and stocked (toilet paper, soap, towel, etc). Tidy up your guest room and prepare fresh sheets for overnight guests.

If you are having people over to catch up and talk, make sure you have entertainment areas with comfy seating that allow for gathering, preferably outside  since the weather is AMAZING.

What Do Your Guests Like?

Think about the beverages, food, music, games, and more that fit your guests’ interests and taste. When you think about special snacks or activities that they like, they will be delighted that you put extra thought into the gathering, catering to what they enjoy.

Refresh Your Outdoor Space

Speaking of your patio and backyard, they can serve as an excellent entertainment area for your guests. You may not be able to accommodate most of them indoors so see to it that you have enough outdoor furniture, your lawn is trimmed, and there’s enough shade available. Your guests could really use more of that fresh air!

Speaking of shades, considering you’re hosting for guests in Arizona, you will need:

  • Awnings – For yard parties and the like, awnings protect you and your guests from the sun and rain. They can be extended to double your shaded area, instantly expanding your outdoor entertainment area at the touch of a button. All Pro’s retractable awnings even come with dimmable LED lights!
  • Patio Shades – Your patio can serve as an excellent entertainment space, so it’s essential that you have shades that protect them from the sun and block windchill as well as debris and insects.

All Pro Shade Concepts has awnings and patio shades to prepare your home for the tourist season, when family members and friends come flocking to Arizona. You have the choices of retractable awnings, as well as patio shades of different track styles from Arizona’s most trusted shade solutions.

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