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You Still Need Shade As the Temps Drop

Let’s face it. Every Arizona homeowner knows how important installing shades is considering the hot summer months. But installing shade solutions bring benefits all year round. They’re a great way to spend more time outdoors and enjoy relaxing afternoons without the glare of the sun spoiling it.

What kind of shade installations benefit year-round?

Not Just for Hot Seasons

Although you don’t need shades as much for heat protection during the colder months, they still bring comfort when you are outside enjoying the weather. 

Letting fresh air in with Window Sun Screens, or enclosing your patio with drop screens to keep in the heat are great ideas for utilizing shade products this season. The most popular shade installation for entertainment year-round are retractable awnings.

Retractable Awnings: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

While many might think awnings are only good for the Summer, they’ve got it wrong. Awnings are really great for entertaining guests while they enjoy the beautiful weather. It provides more covered area for hosting not only shielding guests from the sun, but also the rain. 

Built-in, dimmable LED lights make it easy to host at night!

By retracting them at your leisure, you can store them safely and away when you’re not using them, allowing you to maintain the awning fabric longevity.

Standard Projections: 8′, 10′, 12′

Width: Custom width to fit your specifications, up to 40′

Solutions at All Pro Shade Concepts

All Pro Shade Concepts provides Metro Phoenix and the surrounding areas with retractable awnings that are perfect for protecting against the elements, allowing you to stay outside and entertain guests for longer, no matter the season.

Easily control your awnings at the touch of a button.

Our awnings are the perfect home addition this holiday season. Host dinner parties or  simply relaxing in your backyard.

We have a vast selection of styles that you can choose from, including custom frame and fabric colors to match your home design. HOA friendly options available. Contact All Pro Shade Concepts for a free quote today!

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