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Do You Need Shade Solutions for Your New Construction Home?

Building your house from the ground up allows for a lot of customization to better suit your needs. Whether you bought a home in Arizona that is being built, or you are a general contractor, shades are definitely a factor that you will need to consider, not only for keeping your home cooler during warm months (up to 25% off energy costs), but also for year-round entertaining.

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Make your Patio Bug/Debris Free Using Zipper Sealed Patio Shades

Zipper-Sealed Patio Shades are a great addition to your patio, backyard deck, or any outdoor living space. This installation gives many benefits such as reducing the amount of heat and UV rays, significantly reduces energy cost, to name a few. During the fall, parts of your home may be exposed to leaves, dust, and debris. Here’s how zipper-sealed patio shades can protect your outdoor living area.

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3 Best Pool Shade Ideas for Summer

Summer in Arizona can be harsh, and nothing kills off the excitement more than the thought of getting sunburned. If you want to swim more and burn less, installing pool shades may be your best option. Here’s a quick list of the best pool shade ideas for the summer.

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