Do You Need Shade Solutions for Your New Construction Home?


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Protect Your New Home from the Sun

Building your house from the ground up allows for a lot of customization to better suit your needs. Whether you bought a home in Arizona that is being built, or you are a general contractor, shades are definitely a factor that you will need to consider when planning, not only for keeping your home cooler during warm months (up to 25% off energy costs), but also for year-round entertaining.

Why Does Your New Home Need Shade Solutions?

Location: Where Your House is Facing

While all Arizona homes must deal with the intense heat of the summer, some homes are more vulnerable to getting even hotter just based on the home orientation (the way in which the front and back of the home faces). 

North-South facing homes are best for energy efficiency, while East-West facing homes are the worst since you get more direct sunlight exposure entering your home via the windows, doors, patios, and more.

Entertainment Spaces in Your Yard & Patio

When you live in Arizona, a lot of time will be spent outside when spending time with friends and family. You want to make everyone comfortable and adding shade installations can make all the difference. Whether you add poolside awnings, retractable patio shades, or window sun screens- everyone will be thankful to have more options for relaxing out of the sun.


Built-In, Dimmable LED Lighting

As a standard feature on our motorized awnings is our built-in dimmable LED lights.

These lights are cleverly built into the arms of all our awnings, giving users the ability to control the level of light by remote control.

Entertain day or night, any season.

Which Shades Do You Need?

There are 3 main shade installations that are highly recommended for Arizona homes. Make your home your personal oasis:

Patio Shades – Cable or Sealed Track System shades that simply roll down when you need them, and retract when you don’t. Shade your patio during the summer months, or extend them as you use your space heater to keep the heat in during the colder season.

Awnings – Retractable awnings extend your shaded area at the touch of a button. Many Arizona homeowners have them installed by the pool, or attached their patios to instantly double their shaded space for gatherings.

Window Sun Screens – Window screens provide privacy, blocks the heat entering your home, and also allows you to open windows during the cooler months to enjoy the brisk, fresh air in your home.

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Arizona’s Best Shade Solutions

All Pro Shade Concepts has grown as Arizona’s most trusted shade installers. Arizona native owned and operated, we focus on customer satisfaction and only offer the most advanced shade products that are durable and use the best parts and mechanisms.

Are you a commercial contractor?

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