Why Home Orientation Matters & North-Facing Is Ideal


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Cooler Temperatures in a North-Facing Home

The orientation of your home matters. Whether you’re already a homeowner or looking for your first abode, many people assume that east-facing homes are the best option so you can enjoy beautiful sunrises in the front and sunsets in the back to the west. This, however, is not necessarily ideal if you’re looking to live efficiently and comfortably under the Arizona sun.

Why Shouldn’t Your Home Face East?

Facing east, the intense heat of the Arizona sun will be concentrated on the front yard in the morning and the backyard in the afternoon to the west something to consider if you like to spend time outside. Additionally, the overall temperature of your home will usually be high and demand higher cooling costs because the windows facing these directions take in all the light, especially in the summer.

Why Choose North?

Homeowners in Arizona may find that a house facing north is desirable since it’s not directly exposed to sunlight, making indoor temperatures cooler during the summer than houses facing other directions. Essentially, this means that you could spend less on energy costs during the hot summer months.

Solutions for an East-Facing Home

If you’re already living in a house that’s facing east, you can reduce your home’s retention of heat from the Arizona sun by getting shade solutions installed:

  • Awnings –  Expand your outdoor space so you can entertain friends and family in your yard even when the sun’s glare is at its most intense. Put them above doors or windows to prevent light (and therefore heat) from getting inside when the sun’s out.
  • Window Sun Screens – Besides blocking out the sun’s heat, window sun screens help with privacy, keeping the inside of your home free from prying eyes. See if you’re eligible for the SRP Screen Shade Rebate Program, and save even more on shade solutions.
  • Patio Shades – Block out the heat of the sun so you can spend more time in your outdoor nook and keep your home cooler than most!

To shield your home from the summer heat in Arizona and save on energy costs in the process, consider a home that faces North or shade solutions if your home’s orientation is already set in another direction.

A More Optimal Home With Shade Solutions

All Pro provides solutions to help keep your home cool and save on costs, especially during the warmer seasons. During summers in Arizona, the heat and glare of the sun can get incredibly intense that homes that face any direction benefit from shade solutions.

All Pro Shade Concepts is Arizona’s first choice for premier shade solutions and serves homes and businesses in Metro Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

If you’re looking to prepare your home for the summer, contact us now for a FREE quote!

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