How Shades Can Help You Save On Energy Costs This Summer


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Save on Costs & Keep Cool from the Arizona Sun

During summer, energy consumption in Arizona households can get quite high. The intense heat just makes saving on energy costs too challenging. Fortunately, with the various shade solutions available, homeowners in Arizona have the opportunity to significantly save on energy expenses.

Shield Your Home from Heat

The heat of the summer will very likely compel you to let your AC run for most of the day. You can save on cooling costs by preventing heat from entering your home through your windows in the first place.

Shades work to deflect light and, in turn, the heat of the sun away from your home, even during the time of the day when the sun is at its most intense.

Spend Time Outside in Comfort & Style

Although it’s tempting to stay indoors on a hot day, you may also want some fresh air or to simply take in the views. Awnings and patio shades allow you to spend more time outside without dealing with the glare of the summer sun.

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Shade Choices for Saving Energy

  • Awnings – For homeowners, awnings have a vast variety of uses; from covering windows on the outside to shading your poolside. Awnings, especially retractable ones, are among the most reliable shade solutions available.
  • Patio Shades – If you’re looking to create an outdoor room so you can entertain company outside and enjoy some fresh air instead of being cooped up indoors, then patio shades, especially those with a sealed track system, will definitely work for you to keep the sun’s harsh rays at bay.
  • Window Sun Screens – If awnings aren’t an option because you simply don’t have the space, even for retractable ones, then window sun screens will do the job. They cover your windows to prevent heat from entering your home, keeping it cool. Save even more on costs with the SRP Rebate Program, where All Pro is a trusted contractor.
Consider shade solutions to keep your home cool while saving on energy expenses. As summer continues, you’ll want more outdoor time, even with the heat of the Arizona sun.

Professional Shade Solutions from Arizona’s Most Trusted

Every Arizona home needs shades, especially during the summer. All Pro Shade Concepts is here to help with that! We offer a vast array of shade solutions, serving Metro Phoenix and the surrounding areas

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