Why Every Arizona Home & Business Benefits from Awnings & Exterior Drop Shades


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Stay Cool Arizona

Arizona is famously known for being a sunny state and the temperatures can often get scorching hot during the summer. Too much exposure to UV rays can lead to sunburn and risks for skin cancer. It’s no small wonder why Arizona homes and businesses need shade solutions, for a number of reasons.

1. Protecting People from the Heat & Sun Exposure

Both commercial and residential spaces can benefit from having shade solutions by allowing family, guests and customers to spend more time outside for a comfortable and relaxing outdoor experience. Homeowners can entertain guests by the patio and business owners can offer customers an outdoor dining experience, for example.

2. Reducing Energy Costs

Cooling expenses can certainly skyrocket during the summers. Awnings, patio shades, and window sun screens can lower energy costs by up to 25% by keeping your home cool whenever the sun is up, saving you money on monthly energy expenses.

3. Enhancing Your Home or Business

You don’t have to do a major renovation to your home or business to enhance it. You can simply extend your outdoor entertainment space with retractable awnings or optimize your patio area with motorized or manual exterior drop shades.  

This is especially relevant in Arizona when the heat of the sun could limit the space where you can have guests over, or where you can serve your customers.

Common Shades for Homes and Businesses

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, you will definitely need to look into shade solutions that are suitable for your needs. Here are some of which that you should consider:

  • Retractable Awnings – Awnings are simply enough to install but retractable ones make it easy for you to set up or retract, depending on the weather conditions.
  • Motorized Patio Shades – Patio shades work for home and for businesses in Arizona that contend with the Arizona sun and are in need of expanding their space outdoors for that fresh air.
  • Window Sun Screens – The sun’s rays making their way into your home or establishment can definitely cause problems and can be uncomfortable. Window sun screens aren’t just the solution but also add that sleek clean look.
  • Commercial Shade Installations – Office buildings, restaurants, and gyms are just a few of the Arizona businesses that need shade solutions. Residential and Commercial construction companies and design teams love working with All Pro Shade Concepts for all of their shade needs.

It’s really quite simple to keep your home or business cooler during the Arizona summers. Adding retractable awnings and exterior drop shades to your patio area can make all the difference in the comfort level experienced.

Shade Solutions for Your Home or Business

All Pro Shade Concepts is here to help you with retractable awnings, motorized/manual patio shades, and more that will protect your home or business from the scorching sun, as well as other elements. Trust All Pro as the most reliable shade provider in Arizona, as featured on ABC 15’s Sonoran Living.

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Get Shade Solutions from All Pro Shade Concepts

All Pro Shade Concepts is Arizona’s most reliable shade installers. Catch us on ABC 15’s Sonoran Living and see what we have to offer you. Since shade is a necessity in Arizona, we make sure to get you what you need to make your Arizona home as comfortable as possible.

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