Top Reasons to Live in Arizona


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Living in Arizona Has Plenty of Benefits, According to Its Residents

Why do residents love living in Arizona? And why are so many people looking to move to the Grand Canyon State? Well, from the weather to the amazing scenery, here are just some of the reasons for people to love living in the country’s sunniest state.

What are the signs that your window sun screens need replacing?


You may think that sunsets are a trivial reason for living in Arizona but once you treat yourself to the breathtaking view of an Arizona sunset, you will then realize that it’s all worth it. The comforting golden rays of the Arizona sun are sure to entice and inspire anyone.


Arizona is surrounded by the sheer beauty of the wilderness. The dominating beige color of the state’s backcountry allows for some breathtaking scenery whenever you go on a hike. You can simply pick between the Seven Falls Trail in Tucson, the Echo Trail on Camelback Mountain, or even the famous Grand Canyon. You won’t ever run out of hiking spots.

Cost of Living

The low cost of living in Arizona entices people from other states to move here, especially from those who come from “expensive” places such as New York and San Francisco. It’s no small wonder why they would want to stay in Arizona, considering that they can afford a good life in cities such as Phoenix and Tucson while comfortably handling their finances.


If you’re tired of putting up with the cold winter months or generally the chilly climate where you are, then Arizona’s the perfect place. Locals love the warmth that the Arizona sun provides, which is why a lot of people stay and don’t fly back for the winter. Phoenix, and Flagstaff are all in the top 25 sunniest cities in the United States, where Phoenix stands #1 in the rankings.

Outdoor Living

With the sunny weather and the fair climate, those living in Arizona enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors. The state affords plenty of outdoor activities, even in a pandemic, such as hiking and golf. Even at home, residents spend a lot of time in their backyard so they still get to enjoy the splendor of an Arizona outdoor lifestyle.

Though the sun can get a little too hot at times, shades protect residents from the searing rays that are damaging to the skin. Awnings, patio shades, and other shade solutions are essential to those who live in our sunny state of Arizona.

Easy Arizona Living With All Pro Shade Concepts

Now is the time to make your backyard comfortable all year round with All Pro’s exterior drop shades that seal off bugs and debris, awnings that expand entertainment space, and window sun screens for opening windows and saving you on energy costs. All Pro is also SRP’s trusted contractor, so clients get a rebate of $0.80 per square foot on professionally installed window  shade screens when they apply for the SRP Rebate Program.

All Pro provides excellent shade solutions for homes and businesses alike to make living in Arizona a whole lot easier. We provide free estimations and free inspections. Contact us today!

Replacing Window Sun Screens With All Pro Shade Concepts

The shade experts at All Pro Shade Concepts will help you replace your worn screens with high-quality ones that are reliable and durable with custom color options. When it comes to your shade solution needs, don’t settle for anything less, whether its patio shades, awnings, or sun screens. We bring the best products, with the best prices upfront.

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