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Top Reasons to Live in Arizona

Why do residents love living in Arizona? And why are so many people looking to move to the Grand Canyon State? Well, from the weather to the amazing scenery, here are just some of the reasons for people to love living in the country’s sunniest state.

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Five Ways to Upgrade Your Home for the Holidays

Fall is finally coming and plenty of homeowners want to refresh their homes for the holiday season. With the cooler weather, it’s time to prepare and think about some upgrades to make your home comfortable for the holiday season. So, if you’re curious about what you can do to prepare your home for the cooler season, here are some ideas:

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Replacing Faded & Torn Window Screens for Curb Appeal

At some point, your window screens become torn and worn out from being exposed to the elements for too long. Worn shades not only provide sub-par protection, they also bring the curb appeal down and allow bugs and debris to enter your home when it’s time to open windows. When they start looking worn and dull, then it’s the perfect time to have them replaced.

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