Five Ways to Improve Your Arizona Home Energy Efficiency for 2022


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Redo Your Home as You Welcome the New Year

As the year comes to an end, set home improvement goals for the new year. Making your Arizona home more energy-efficient can bring lifetime benefits. Take a look at a few ideas for home improvement.

1. Smart Thermostat

What if you could manage your home’s heating and cooling system with an app? That’s exactly what a smart thermostat does. They’re great for any modern home and can easily be operated using a smartphone.

Not only is it more convenient, but smart modes allow for climate control to adjust based on when you are away so that you are not cooling/heating your home unnecessarily.

2. Lighting Automation

Automated lighting provides aesthetic value, where certain lights can be controlled with a phone app, and scheduled as needed, turning off lights based on time. A simple timer switch on outdoor lights can also save you on energy consumption.

3. Salt Water Pool Conversion

Pool owners who use a salt water system can actually reduce their seasonal chemical expenses by 80%. And since the salt chlorine generator is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, you can take pride in your small footprint.

4. Smart Irrigation

Maintaining your lawn, among other outdoor items, can be quite the chore. Just like the smart thermostat, smart irrigation allows you to control your sprinklers with the use of a mobile app so you can easily manage intensity and water levels that are best for your lawn. No more overwatering.

5. Shades

Shades are essential when living in Arizona. Add retractable awnings that will last throughout the year and motorized patio shades that protect your entertainment space from the heat of the sun. Home shade installations can reduce cooling costs during the summer months by up to 25%. 

Welcome the year with home improvement projects that not only help with energy efficiency, but improve your homeowner experience. Now is the time to transform your home into your energy-efficient oasis in the desert.


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