Arizona Luxury Home: Motorized Patio Shades


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Luxury shades aren’t just about keeping the heat at bay

A luxury home isn’t just about the price tag. Luxury is also about convenience, privacy, choice, and quality. As the Grand Canyon State’s premier shade solutions, we believe that an Arizona luxury home isn’t complete without our state-of-the-art, amazing Motorized Patio Shades.

Time is Luxury

When asking Arizonans what real luxury is to them, they often invariably answer that it’s time.

A luxury home is not luxurious enough without labor- free devices for added convenience & more time for relaxation. One of the best things to save precious time (and effort) on is having to crank your patio shades up and down like car windows in the 90s.

All Pro’s Motorized Patio Shades are remote-controlled and easy to use, letting you seamlessly enjoy your shade on demand. 

Moreover, using industry-leading technology, our shades come with obstacle detection and automatic adjustment. They also can come with an optional wind sensor as a backup, but it’s always best practice to retract the shades before any storm.

sealed track shade
Sealed Track shade

Simplicity is Security

Another aspect of luxury is privacy, having your space be an escape away from the prying eyes or neighbors and passerby’s. 

Our motorized patio shades provide homeowners the ability to protect their privacy when hanging out in the front or back patio, and also on second floor balconies. 

A further benefit to privacy is that the shade fabric can reach up to 97% density, or even blackout, which provides optimal privacy by blocking out any visibility from the outside.

Whichever level of blockage you choose, All Pro exterior shades always block the view into your living space without losing your view out.

Quality is in the Features

Our motorized patio shades come in a sealed track system that blocks out bugs, dust, and debris. They keep interiors cool in the Summer, while retaining heat in the Winter months. Saving you on energy costs in the long run.

When you install sealed track drop shades to fully enclose your patio space, you essentially gain a new room! Now that’s the kind of luxury that gives back all year-round.

sealed track shade

Choice is Freedom

Our motorized patio shades have choices galore in both color and density to match your home and lifestyle.

80% fabric density has the benefit of an unobstructed view and plenty of light while providing enough shade, or it can go up to 97% to block more heat.

The fabric of these motorized patio shades comes in 7 Powder coat colors, with about 30 color combinations for the fabrics —  All Pro can even customize for any luxury home’s color scheme or HOA requirements.

The choice is yours!

All Pro Shade Concepts offers FREE estimates and FREE installation with no-pressure sales. Feel the luxury of being in control of the process.

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