Five Luxury Upgrades for Your Arizona Home


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Elegance and Comfort Where You Live

Is your home in Arizona in need of an upgrade or are you designing your new home? If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to it, there are a few easy ways to take your home to a new level.

Check out our list of 5 Luxury Upgrades for Arizona Homes:

1. A Wine Cellar or Room

Although Arizona is not typically considered a wine-growing region in the US, places like Sonoita, Willcox, and the Verde Valley have a good share of vineyards where you can get quality wine that you can store in a wine room. Collecting wine from your travels is also a great idea, allowing you to store your collection and revisit fond memories when you drink it. You can turn your basement into a wine cellar or you can plan for building a room dedicated to fine wine.

2. A Luxury Theater Room

For that excellent entertainment experience, a luxury theater room works best. It works as a private space where you can get that full movie theater experience with a projector or big screen tv and high quality sound systems that provide you with the entire package that wows guests. It’s as simple as using an extra room or adding a new one for your home.

3. An Outdoor Kitchen

If you love barbecues and outdoor dining experiences, you can’t go wrong with an outdoor kitchen, where you can host a cookout and serve dishes from your backyard. Add custom grills or a pizza oven to craft classic culinary treats.

4. A Deck or Pergola

Where better can you serve the dishes you’ll whip up outdoors than in an outdoor dining area? On that note, you may want to consider renovating or replacing your outdoor deck or patio area. Want to create an oasis in your yard? Install a pergola to add an extra area to hang out.

5. Motorized Shades

Retractable awnings to extend your covered outdoor dining/entertainment area and patio shades to protect your patio and/or outdoor kitchen are essential, especially in the hot months. Motorized options provide you the convenience and luxury of extending/retracting shades at the touch of a button. Automation can increase the longevity of your shades utilizing sun and wind sensors.

Add more value to your home today with luxury upgrades this season. You’ll get that luxurious feel, even when doing something as simple as replacing your old awnings with motorized ones. You’re sure to turn your home into a comfortable and luxurious place to live in.

Upgrade Your Home With All Pro Shade Concepts

All Pro has options of automated retractable shade solutions in different track styles. Our awnings come with motors that you can easily control with a touch of a button and retractable patio shades with track systems to help protect your home from the heat of the sun or from unwanted debris.

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