Benefits of Patio Shades that Enclose for Instant Outdoor Arizona Room


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Level Up Your Arizona Room With Quality Shade Installations

Arizona rooms have become a huge trend for many homeowners in the Grand Canyon State. It makes the perfect place to spend some quality time without having to worry about the harsh heat in the warmer seasons or the glare of the sun.

It gives you the best of both worlds. Enjoy the fresh air and view of the outdoors while keeping the comfort of being indoors.

What Is An Arizona Room?

An Arizona room can sometimes be a patio or any open space enclosed with a screen shade to turn it into an instant outdoor room. This room can be utilized for various purposes like recreational activities, a living room extension, a special dining area for when you have guests over, or even a playroom.

Why Does Your Arizona Room Need Patio Shades?

Patio shades (especially motorized ones with a sealed track system) provide more than just protection from the Arizona sun:

  • Provides heat absorption to cool down any outdoor space
  • More privacy without blocking your view
  • Lets you get ample UV protection while spending time outdoors
  • Keeps you from sudden wind gusts and rain showers
  • Protects your patio furniture from fading
  • Helps you maintain a dust- and debris-free environment
  • Wards off bugs and other creepy crawlies

Guidelines for Patio Coverings in Phoenix

Thinking of getting patio coverings for your Arizona room? When it comes to exterior home upgrades, certain installations may have some rules you need to follow. For instance, certain areas require strict compliance with HOA CC&Rs or Homeowner Association Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.

For Phoenix homeowners, there are certain guidelines for installing residential patio covers. If you want to stay away from trouble or refrain from getting fined, it’s best to observe these guidelines and work with trusted professionals.

Customize Patio Shades for Your Home

While drop shades give you enough sun protection and good shading, you also have the option to get patio shades with a sealed track system for utmost protection from the elements. At All Pro, our patio shades are fully customizable according to your preferred design, color, and overall look and function. But most importantly, you should make sure that your patio shade is the perfect match for your home.

The Perfect Home Upgrades with All Pro Shade Concepts

Make sure your patio shades never disappoint by always going for trusted shade providers like All Pro Shade Concepts. We take pride in providing quality shade options with over 300,000 sun screens, 25,000 patio shades, and 3,000 awnings installed! That’s a lot of satisfied homeowners making the most of their Arizona room with the best shade installations!

We cater to residences and businesses in Metro Phoenix and the surrounding area, including Sun City, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Tempe. Contact us now to get a FREE quote for your dream shade installation or check out our portfolio to get inspired by our previous projects!

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