Seal Out Bugs, Sun, and More with Sealed Track System Patio Shades


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Outdoor Shades with Side Tracks Offer More than Just Sun Protection

Why Arizona Homeowners Love Patio Shades

Patios make the perfect place for you to unwind, spend some quality time with family, and enjoy an outdoor feel without exposing yourself to the heat of the summer sun and other harsh weather conditions. There are a lot of reasons why most Arizona homes have shaded patios.

Get Instant Extension for Your Living Space

With just a simple upgrade, you can expand your living space with patio shades. It gives you an instant room perfect for receiving guests, putting together small gatherings, and having a nice and cozy place to relax after a long day. If you’re a morning person, nothing beats starting your day sipping a cup of coffee on your patio — or even spending warm afternoons in a cool and breezy spot.

Especially for homes with a landscape or a breathtaking view of the Valley, having a shaded patio is perfect for enjoying the outdoors indoors. You don’t have to expose yourself to the harsh Arizona sun when you have a nice shaded area to wind down and de-stress.

Turn Your Patio Into a Hobby Room


What’s great about having a shaded patio is that you can utilize it for just about any purpose you want! When you have outdoor shades with side tracks, you can turn your patio into a study, a place for doing some arts and crafts, at-home workouts, and even a playroom for the kids!

Benefits of Patio Shades with Sealed Track System

The Sealed Track System is a special feature built with patio shades for utmost comfort and functionality. It’s more than just for sun protection because there are other benefits of outdoor shades with side tracks that you can never get elsewhere!

  • Seal Out Bugs and Other Debris. When the sun goes down, it’s time for some unwanted guests like bugs and other insects to enter your home. Keep them out with a sealed patio shade.
  • Keep Your Furniture from Dust and Dirt. The furniture in your patio could collect some dust and dirt most especially during spring and summer if left unprotected.
  • Lock in the Heat During Winter. The sealed track system is functional all year round. Aside from protecting you from the summer sun, it also keeps you warm and cozy in the cold winter months.
  • Enjoy More Privacy. Sealed patios offer more privacy as compared to the typical drop shades. You can even customize it with a darker shade of fabric and lower visibility!

Get Your Outdoor Shades with Side Tracks from All Pro Shade Concepts

All Pro Shade Concepts will help you get the perfect shade solutions like no other. You can customize your patio shades according to your HOA rules and regulations and get the special sealed track system to help you make the most of your shaded space! Many homeowners around Metro Phoenix and major cities in the Valley only trust All Pro for quality patio shades, awnings, and sun screens that are built to last.

Thinking of getting shades for your patio? Contact us now for a FREE quote! We also offer FREE home inspections with no-pressure sales, and we take pride in having the best prices up front!

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