The Best Patio Shades in Metro Phoenix: Sealed Track Patio Shades


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Seal in the comfort, seal out the rest

Sealed Track Patio Shades are great for bringing style and function to homes and businesses in Arizona.

Phoenix weather can go up to 106°F in the Summer, while it can drop down to 44°F in the winter. Learn more about patio drop shades and how these exterior shade installations can make all the difference, whether it is hot or cold.

Sealed Track Patio Shades And What It’s Made Of

Getting into the composition of sealed track patio shades showcases how they’re the best for Metro Phoenix, Prescott and its surrounding neighborhoods.


The fabric options are plenty! With Suntex Solar Screens, Suntex Privacy Screens, & Sheerweave Sun Control Screens being the popular choices. The fabric itself is a woven mesh material that obscures visibility from the outside. As well as all the excess heat and UV rays.

Suntex 80 solar screens


The tracks are the essential part that creates the seal. It’s what separates it from cable track shades. All Pro Shade Concepts has 3 track options depending on use.

All Pros’ Sealed Track System Shades are Patio Shades with Side Tracks. The system is great for pre-construction as well as an addition to existing patios. The Commercial 4-inch Tracks work great for high wind areas.

Motor & Controls

Your Motorized Sealed Track Patio Shades are controllable via RF Remote Control.

Extend and retract at your convenience. Even control it in a smart home system.

What Sealed Track Patio Shades Are Great For

While they’re great on their own as a luxury addition to your home, they’re great for convenience too. And so much more.

  • Weather Shield

Sealed track shades do a better job of stabilizing the temperature away from extremes. By sealing off the openings, heat won’t easily slip away in the winter. While extreme heat is kept off in the Summer. All the while blocking up to 95% of harmful UV rays.

  • Privacy

Patio shades are a great way to provide privacy without having to build literal walls. The bonus is that you can still see out- block the sun, without losing your view.

  • Bugs & Debris Blocker

The winds can carry quite a bit of dust or sand or bugs. Blocking them out is all the more effective with sealed track shades. Since there’s no opening for them to enter, you’ll sweep less often and avoid the pain of fighting mosquitos off.

Choose Sealed Track Patio Shades,  Get a Free Quote from All Pro Shade Concepts

Whether you’re in Metro Phoenix or thereabouts, getting sealed track patio shades just makes sense. Get the best quality and service by getting from All Pro Shade Concepts.

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