Scottsdale & Paradise Valley’s Top 5 Luxury Home Outdoor Add-Ons


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Residents of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley are no strangers to luxury, so it’s no surprise that their style and preferences are exemplified in their luxury homes. One of the best parts of living in Metro Phoenix is the amazing weather. Being outside is a major pastime, where hosting friends and family in your backyard is a common occurrence that everyone looks forward to.

Are you renovating your home, building a new one, or moving in? Looking for ideas to maximize the comfort, style, and appeal of your outdoor entertainment space?

Check out our list of the top 5 luxury home outdoor ad-ons:

Retractable Awnings

Living in Arizona, you can expect to spend lots of time outdoors, whether in your backyard or front yard. This makes getting shades a necessity for personal use and hosting guests. A luxurious yet functional addition to your AZ luxury home is a motorized, retractable awning.

At the touch of a button, you can extend your awning to create a shaded area in an instant. The protective cassette encasement allows you to hide them with ease when they are not needed.

With built-in, dimmable LED lights in the arms of All Pro’s awnings they prove to be beneficial day or night, throughout the year for every season. They are very luxurious poolside during the summer, and during the cooler months when you’re hosting lots of holiday parties.

Water Features

The desert is a beautiful place to live and a great way to bring a wow-factor to your luxury home is to create an oasis with breathtaking water features. 

It is also a proven fact that water features can increase the value of your Arizona home for up to 7%. This can be in the form of a waterfall in your pool or garden, or a prestigious water fountain to add a distinguished atmosphere. 

Whether your home is modern or traditional, water features can come in many different styles to support your home’s design. Water features at the entrance of your home or on display as an art piece bring the high-end feel you’re looking for.

Motorized Patio Drop Shades

When you think of the word luxury, comfort plays a major role. The most uncomfortable a guest can get in Arizona when hanging outside is the bother of the sun and annoyance of bugs.

Luckily, Arizona residents have discovered All Pro’s Sealed Track System Shades, patio shades with side tracks that seal out bugs while shading the glare of the sun.

A popular route AZ homeowners take is having sealed track shades installed on all openings of their patios, providing the ability to create an Arizona Room in an instant. Choose the level of percentage of sun blockage, color, and track style. Cable track shades are also available with both manual and motorized options.

Interested in getting motorized patio drop shades? Get a FREE quote here.

Outdoor Kitchen

What better way to improve your backyard than to make feeding your friends and family a great experience. Add an outdoor kitchen area where you can host completely outside. Install a built-in grill, refrigerator, deep fryer, pizza oven, and other appliances that make outdoor parties fun and easy.

Not only does it make it convenient for entertaining while cooking, you have a place to cook that won’t fill your home with smoke and smells that are best dealt with outside.


Custom Windows & Doors

An incredibly amazing way to transform your luxury home is to replace your doors and windows with customized sizes, shapes, and operations. Accordion or folding glass doors that go floor to ceiling are a very luxurious way to connect outdoor living with the indoors. 

Does your kitchen face the backyard? Add a large folding window to easily serve drinks into your backyard for a true bar experience in the comfort of your own home.

Custom window shapes like arch/rounded windows are eye-catching and bring a special elegance to your home’s aesthetic. All Pro Shade Concepts provide customized window shade screens specifically made on-site for any size and shape. Motorized shades are also available for installation over windows and doors.

SRP Window Sun Screens Rebate

Window Sun Screen Installations from All Pro Shade Concepts are SRP Rebate Eligible

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