Top 5 Gifts for Arizona Homeowners


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It’s almost Christmas – we all know what that means! The streets are going to be crowded with Christmas shoppers looking for last-minute deals on gift items. Trinkets, new clothes, and toys are nice, but if you want to give your loved ones something that lasts, or if you simply want to minimize the clutter in your home, look for a gift that everyone can enjoy. Here are top 5 gift ideas for Arizona Homeowners.

Multimedia Projector

Be it movie or game night, a multimedia projector will level up any entertainment space. Create a new tradition with your family where you all come together for one night each week to enjoy your favorite flicks. The great thing about a multimedia projector is that you can set it up indoors, or outdoors if the weather’s nice! Tip: create a driver-in aesthetic to your setup by adding some rugs/pillows on the floor of your patio or living room. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Outdoor Firepit

Every Arizona backyard should have a lovely firepit. There, you can gather your family ‘round for some campfire goodies – smores, hot cocoa, eggnog, barbecue, you name it! A fire pit creates a cozy spot in your backyard, and, when set up right, can also double as a grill. Thanks to Arizona’s warmer climate, you only need a single firepit to make your backyard suitable for winter family gatherings.

Hanging Patio Swings

Choosing outdoor furniture is easy if you go with the basics – but why not do something extra for your family and guests? A swing is a whimsical addition to your patio. It creates a space for you to relax and take in the fresh air while being gently lulled to sleep. Tip: Make sure to add some roll shades to your patio to reduce the sun’s glare in the morning. 

Zipper Patio Shades

Customized Zipper Patio Shades are a great gift for anyone looking to upgrade their backyard. More than protection from debris and UV rays, it also maximizes outdoor living space. Motors would be a great addition too because it makes the shades easier to roll back when not in use. Make sure to pick colors that match or complement your home’s style!

Motorized Retractable Awnings

Need more room in your yard for social gatherings? Motorized awnings are the best way to add a little more space in your backyard. As an added value, it works best with sun and wind sensors, so it can automatically open or retract based on the weather. The best part? You can make use of it all year!


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