Five Home Improvement Ideas for Arizona Residents


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Get Started With Enhancing Your Home

Every homeowner desires a home that’s not only comfortable, but matches their personal style, too. Home improvement projects are necessary to maintain home aesthetics and functional quality. It can be a laborious process, but with the right help and design ideas, a very enjoyable one, too!

1. Add a new Room

Maybe you need more space? Though it can be costly, adding rooms by expanding your square footage raises your home’s value. Whether you need a playroom or specific private areas in the house, adding some space might be just what you need.

All Pro Tip: Install sealed-track patio shades on your patio or garage and create a semi-outdoor recreational room.

2. Kitchen/Dining Renovations

The kitchen is usually the most frequented part of a home, which is why it’s a space that’s prone to quick wear and tear. In more ways than one, the kitchen and dining area are also the heart of a home, where family meals are prepared and shared. When a home’s kitchen is kept well and upgraded when needed, a house is truly a home.

All Pro Tip: Install window sun screens to not only keep the sun’s glare out of family meals, but also help you save on cooling costs, especially in the warmer seasons.

3. Energy Efficiency

Energy expenses can get pretty high in the hot Arizona weather. In Phoenix, majority of homeowners have spent nearly $6000 on cooling costs and a/c installations in 2021 alone, reaching to a peak of about $10,000 for some households.

All Pro Tip: North-/South-facing homes tend to have cooler interiors as the windows don’t take in direct light. But regardless of orientation, installing shades in key areas of your home will help keep the heat and glare away while also keeping your home interiors cool, significantly saving you on energy costs.

4. Yard Improvement

Are you looking to spend more time out in your yard? Create a lounge space by adding outdoor furniture, perhaps a garden, and of course the right kind of shades customized to suit your exact needs. Shades shield you from the sun and help keep your Arizona afternoons cool and comfortable.

All Pro TipAwnings are great for expanding your outdoor space and protecting you and your guests from sun exposure.

5. Get in Touch with AZ’s Premier Shade Experts

For the most professional shade installations, All Pro Shade Concepts is Arizona’s most trusted company. We provide window sun screens, motorized and manual patio shades, retractable awningsand more!

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