5 Benefits of Motorized Patio Shades & Awnings for Phoenix Homes


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As we enter the time of year where the amazing weather brings people together, it’s the perfect time to host guests at your house. Don’t keep everyone cooped up inside. Maximize your backyard space and enjoy some fun and exciting outdoor activities.

Whether you’re an Arizona native or a newcomer to the sunny state, learn about how much patio shades and awnings can transform your outdoor entertainment space at the touch of a button.

Here are the 5 Benefits of Motorized Shades & Awnings for Phoenix Homes.

Extend Entertainment Area

There are a lot of ways to instantly double the size of the shaded area in your backyard (or front yard) and installing retractable awnings is one of the best shade solutions you can ever get. Extend them out when you need them, retract when you don’t. Whether protecting from the glare of the sun or light rain, awnings from All Pro have you covered. Be ready for holiday visitors!

No need to mess with a complicated popup canopy tent or umbrellas that can be a pain to set up. With All Pro Shade Concepts, you can simply press a button to extend your awnings. You can get the perfect shade solutions custom made to project out 8, 10, or 12 feet and widths up to 26 feet.

Shade Solutions for the Best Patios in Phoenix

Seal Out Bugs

Sealed Track System Patio Shades from All Pro Shade Concepts are exterior screens that drop down via side tracks that are affixed to the opening of your patio space. Many homeowners and luxury home builders are benefiting from having sealed track shades installed on all openings of their patios to instantly create an Arizona Room

Besides keeping the mosquitos out, during the colder months, many people like to hang out on their patio, but are bothered by the bugs that are attracted to the lights. Sealed Track Shades from All Pro make sure they don’t crash your party.

In addition to that, we offer options with obstacle detection and automatic adjustment which further improve the screen system and performance. It goes up to 28’ wide and 16’ tall!

Sealed Track Shade

Nighttime Gatherings

One of the many benefits of motorized shades is that they are perfect for nighttime outdoor activities. Arizona homeowners choose All Pro Shade Concepts for retractable awnings because our awnings come with the best features — standard with every installation!

All Pro’s #1 rated retractable awnings include built-in, dimmable LED lights right in the arms lighting up everything beneath when extended. This is a game changer when it comes to hosting dinner parties in the backyard or just enjoying a nightcap with the ones you love.

Patio shades are also useful in keeping the heat in your patio area when you’re using space heaters during the colder months. A great alternative when starting a bonfire is too much work.

Pool Shade Awning with Led Light for All Day Summer Fun

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Use in Every Season

There are many other benefits of motorized shades since these functional home installations are useful all year long in Arizona. As you may know, there are different perks of living in Arizona throughout the year. 

Being the sunniest state, the average temperature can get upto more than a hundred degrees fahrenheit in major cities like Phoenix. The weather gets cooler during Fall, Winter, and Spring and this sparks a flurry of gatherings and visitors.

Patio shades and awnings provide the best protection from bugs, rain, sun, and all types of weather conditions all-year round. Motorized shades can also be significant in keeping your energy cooling costs down, providing poolside sun protection, and more!

Arizona Trusts All Pro Shade Concepts

Homeowners love their versatile shades from All Pro Shade Concepts and leave rave reviews for our amazing team, service, and products. Thank you for supporting a local, small Arizona business. Let us know your project details for a FREE quote.

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