Importance of Patio Shades, Awnings and Sun Screens in Arizona


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How do homeowners provide adequate sun protection in their outdoor areas?

On average, there are 299 sunny days per year in Phoenix. Phoenix tops the list as the sunniest major city in the United States with sunny days at an average of 85.8 percent of the time. While the many days of sun is a great benefit to get out and bask in the sun by the pool, it’s important to protect yourself, your family, and friends from the damaging effects of the sun.


An awning is a roof-like cover that extends over a space to offer shade from sun exposure, and shelter from the rain.  Awnings can be installed over the windows and doors of homes and commercial buildings.

Retractable awnings allow homeowners to enjoy the benefits of extended shaded areas, while being able to retract the shade into a housing protecting it from fading or damage from the sun and wind.

Patio Shades

Exterior patio shades are drop shades that extend and retract to the floor (or any height), forming a makeshift wall of shade fabric that provides cooling and sun protection to those hanging out in the patio area. They can be manual or motorized, and function along a cable track or a sealed track system that seals out bugs and debris.

Window Sun Screens

While protecting yourself from the sun while outdoors is important, shielding your interiors from the sun, especially during the triple digit temps in the summer, also yields significant benefits. Installing window sun screens can reduce cooling costs up to 25%.

All Pro is a trusted SRP Shade Screen Contractor.

Window sun screens installed by All Pro are eligible for the SRP Screen Rebate Program.

Why Arizona Trusts All Pro

All Pro Shade Concepts is The Valley’s leading provider of shade product installations. We’re an honest company that gives the best products, services, and prices up-front. Founded and owned by a native Arizonan, the need for sun protection is a problem we are happy to solve for our community.

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