5 Ways to Improve Your Arizona Pool Area


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More Poolside Fun in the Arizona Sun

Now’s the perfect time to start making some much needed improvements on your outdoor entertainment space.

Want to maximize the way you enjoy your pool? While pool upgrades can take any number of forms from the basic to expensive, here are five practical points to pay attention to when leveling up your pool experience.

1. Pool Water Quality

A lot of factors can lower your pool’s effective chlorine levels such as sunlight, temperature, and the number of people bathing. Keeping track of this stat, being mindful on the appropriate levels, and adjusting accordingly ensure that your pool is clean and, more importantly, safe for you and your guests.

The Arizona Department of Health Services has a helpful resource sheet to guide pool and spa owners.

2. Pool Deck Patio

If your pool deck patio is looking worn and weary, it’s probably time to renovate especially before the Summer months. New and better tiling can set the tone for the rest of the outdoor pool area and the patio itself. Some nice patio shades that match your home’s design would make for a relaxing afternoon.

3. Automations

Instead of running about adjusting the lights, the heating, or the blinds or poolside awnings, let the latest tech take care of it. Not only will this impress your guests but it’ll free you up to better enjoy the company of friends and family. Plus, potentially saving you energy expenses in the long run.

4. Baby & Pet Accommodations

When it comes to family-friendly outdoor Arizona home living, you’ve got to keep the little ones and your furry friends in mind in your pool area’s design. It can be as simple as rounding sharp edges for toddlers or your safety in general, or having a special spot for your pets to eat and laze about in the outdoors.

5. Poolside Shade

It’s hard to enjoy all of the improvements to your pool without some quality cover to protect you from the glare of the Arizona sun and its UV rays.

If you intend to make the most out of your pool and patio during the coming Arizona summer, then patio shades are the way forward. But don’t stop there: Awnings are the open air solution that extends the available space you can relax in for your home.

All Pro Shade Concepts

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