How You Can Cut Cooling Costs This Summer

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient in the Summer Months

Worried about saving on cooling costs in the summer months? Everyone is. While the solution for many to keep air conditioning running all day, that may not be the most energy-efficient method. Below are some ways to keep your home cool all while saving on energy costs.

Use a Ceiling Fan

During certain times of the day, a humble ceiling fan would do the job if the heat isn’t too intense. It’s the simplest solution in making your living space cooler. Just make sure that you turn it off whenever it’s not in use. A ceiling fan will also help distribute air cooled by an air conditioner efficiently if you’re already using an air conditioner.

Find the Perfect Setting for Your AC

If you use your air conditioning unit frequently, are you sure your settings are optimal? Upgrading your thermostat to a smart thermostat like Nest, will help put your energy usage into stats that will help you run your home.

Replace Your HVAC Filters

To keep your HVAC running smoothly, filters need to be cleaned out or replaced. Dirty filters mean that your system will need to work harder to keep your home cool. If you think your filters have become too dirty or unusable, then consider replacing them. Not only will replacing them help your HVAC run more efficiently but it will also help prevent respiratory problems.

Upgrade Your Windows

A home with old windows lets heat in more easily. Upgrading your windows with new technology which will keep your home cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. Paired with window sun screens, you will have a cooler and more energy-efficient home in the long run.

Install Shades and Screens for Your Windows

Arizona Residences and businesses save up to 25% in cooling costs when they have shade solutions installed by All Pro Shade Concepts.

  • Awnings - Retractable awnings simply roll back whenever you don’t need them. Awnings can be manual or motorized, with automation functions that retract with wind/movement sensors, or extend with sun sensors.
  • Patio Shades - Heat radiates from patio areas, further heating your home. Patio drop shades will not only cool your home, our customer rave about having a screened porch in seconds with the zipper-sealed track option. Manual or motorized, custom colors and tracks options.
  • Window Sun Screens - Sun screens are the perfect way to keep your interior cooler, saving you on air conditioning costs during the sweltering hot summer. They also look classy from the outside, giving your home that clean fresh look, all while keeping it energy efficient.

Save on Cooling Costs With the Help of All Pro Shade Concepts

During the summer months, you can rely on All Pro to install shade solutions to help you save on cooling costs. Aside from window sunscreens, we also have awnings and patio shades that are ideal for your Arizona home in the summer, making your home energy efficient. Being Arizona’s reliable local shade provider, you can trust us here at All Pro Shade Concepts.

Win premium installations from Arizona’s most reliable experts when it comes to shade solutions. All Pro Shade Concepts is committed to giving you quality awnings, interior/exterior drop shades, window sun screens, and so much more. If you love living in Arizona and want to enjoy the comforts of home, then All Pro Shade Concepts is here for you. Contact us for a free quote.

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