Hosting Tips and Design for Your Phoenix Backyard Parties


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Fall 2023’s Top Hosting Tips for Your Arizona Backyard

So, picture this: it’s fall in Phoenix, and the weather is finally giving us a break from the scorching heat. It’s the perfect time to host a backyard party for an outdoor get-together. If you’re looking to throw a memorable shindig, we’ve got you covered with these hosting tips.

And here’s the inside scoop — All Pro Shade Concepts has got some pretty amazing awnings and roll shades that are just perfect for fall. Enjoy customizable options like motorized or manual controls, loads of colors to choose from, and more! Get a free quote and let’s get this party started!

TIP #1: Expand Entertainment Space with Awnings

Fall in Phoenix means we can finally enjoy the outdoors without feeling like we’re in an oven. But you still need some shade. Enter All Pro and their amazing awnings that are tailored to your tastes. Choose from over 300 custom fabric options to match with the warm, earthy tones of fall. It isn’t just about blocking the sun’s glare; it’s about creating that cozy, fall atmosphere perfect for a backyard party.

Awning Standard Projections
8′, 10′, 12′

Custom width to fit your specifications, up to 26′

TIP #2: Patio Shades for an Instant Arizona Room!

As the sun goes down and the evening chill kicks in, guests would want a place to hang out where it’s warm. We recommend All Pro patio shades! These aren’t just your regular shades. You have the option to get them manual or motorized for that extra convenience. What’s more, the sealed track patio shades help to keep the warmth in during Arizona’s colder seasons. Throw in a space heater, and you’re in business!

TIP #3: Be Ready for the Fall Weather Twist

Fall weather can be a bit unpredictable. A light drizzle might show up. But here’s the deal: All Pro’s shades are designed to handle whatever Phoenix throws their way. So whether it’s a sunny afternoon, a cool evening, or even a little rain, the party continues with year-round benefits of shades!

TIP #4: Fall-Themed Decor and Mood Lighting

To give your fall backyard party an extra punch, think about adding some autumn-themed decor and cozy lighting. Hang up some charming string lights and bring out the warm, fall-inspired decorations. And guess what? All Pro Shade Concepts’ motorized awnings have built-in dimmable lights that provide an ideal backdrop to make your decorations shine and keep things feeling snug.

TIP #5: Get a Free Quote Today!

Ready to throw the most epic fall backyard parties? Reach out to All Pro Shade Concepts for a speedy, no-obligation quote. They’ll help you pick the perfect awnings and shades to suit your unique party vibe. No fuss, no muss.

The Hottest Hosting Tips and Shades at All Pro

Preparing for a fall party in your Phoenix backyard is all about setting the mood and being prepared for whatever the weather dishes out. With All Pro Shade Concepts’ awnings and patio shades, and these hosting tips, you’ve got the perfect partners for shade and style.

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