5 of the Most Popular Home Improvements in Gilbert, Arizona: Shades, Turf, Home Automations, Solar, & Landscaping


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Staying Home in Gilbert

Gilbert, AZ is one of the cities that make up the East Valley, growing at 1.63% annually and, in 2021, had a population of 262,514. The town has the fifth highest average home value in the state and has become attractive for first time home buyers. 

Source: AZ Big Media

When the pandemic made people stay at home, Gilbert residents got more in touch with their home and made useful improvements. Here’s our top 5.

Artificial Turf & Landscaping

One of the most popular home improvement upgrades that takes less maintenance and water are turf lawns. Artificial grass is great for hot and dry climates like in Gilbert, Arizona. The temperature extremes during the day and night in Arizona make synthetic turf attractive for its resilience. To maximize your artificial turf use, consider installing retractable awnings.

Arizona Turf Installation

Home Automation

One of the product categories that really boomed in the past year were home automation devices. It’s the newest kind of home improvement that people have.

  • Amazon’s Alexa is currently one of the most popular home automation and smart assistants in the US. Alexa is seen to be the most sophisticated voice assistant currently available. 
  • Google Home has a lot of customization options and feature compatibility with a wide range of smart devices and great compatibility with other Google services. 
  • Apple HomeKit has the smallest compatible devices available in the market but is most focused on security and best integrated with their ecosystem.

Solar Energy Panels

A recent report pointed out that Arizona is a prime location for solar energy with all the sun that it receives year round. What’s more, solar energy panels get tax exemptions when the property value rises because of the installation. Combined with the use of awnings and shades, you get plenty of savings on your electricity bill.

Drop Shades & Awnings

Especially in the Summer and the way extreme heat works into the Grand Canyon State, shades of all kinds are an essential upgrade for any Arizona home.

Exterior Patio Drop Shades

Patio Drop Shades protect and cool your outdoor spaces. There are a lot of patio shade customization choices out there including a sealed track system that really keeps out bugs and debris in addition to the sun, essentially creating a new outdoor room in an instant. Fabric choices are also plentiful to help customize your shade for any HOA requirement.


Awnings really extend your outdoor space, giving you more places to relax outside. There’s also a lot of options for customization since awnings can be retractable, mechanical or motorized, and so much more. Awnings are also a great addition to your pool side comforts.

The remote controlled motorized retractable awnings are the type that would fit well with the next section.

Window Sun Screens

Windows Sun Screens protect more of the interior of your home from overheating, and it also helps prevent excess sunlight from fading the furniture fabric. A bonus benefit for homes and businesses is that it gives better curb appeal with how it stays on color.

They also give you substantially higher savings on energy and cooling expenses. Save even more by signing up for the SRP Shade Screen Rebate Program where All Pro Shade Concepts is a licensed and trusted contractor.

Best in the Business Shade Solutions

All in all, home improvement that makes sense for any home in Gilbert or Arizona for that matter are quality shades. Choosing the right company to contract with can be difficult, but All Pro Shades Concepts puts the best price forward and doesn’t pressure you in closing a sale.

As a local Arizona business, homeowners and contractors alike trust All Pro for their reliable professionalism and expert shade services.

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