Luxurious Pool Design Ideas for Arizona Homeowners


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Summer Pool Ideas 2022

There are over 900 ‘luxurious pool design ideas’ on Pinterest alone, and you might get some inspiration there. But going in without the right paradigm can cause mistakes in executing or replicating what you saw.

To make sense of it all, we need to make sure that all the right elements are present, or else instead of luxury, it may end up gaudy. And one of the core concepts for luxury is cohesion. The pool’s individual elements do not have to be all crazy fancy — sometimes, simplicity serves since the whole design can be more than the sum of its parts.

You have to make sure that every aspect of the design doesn’t clash with each other. In this piece, we’ll talk about the amenities and elements that affect the whole luxury feel.

Pool Deck Flooring

Since poolside flooring effectively frames the pool, it definitely affects its presentation.

Pressed or Decorative Concrete, Porcelain Pavers, and Marble and Granite are some of the most popular kinds of pool deck flooring because of their flexibility in use.

Concrete as a material is durable, low maintenance, and versatile. Its cons, especially relevant in Arizona, are that it’s susceptible to heat which can feel uncomfortably hot to the touch without shade and can also crack from constant temperature shifts.

A Wood Floor Coating gives off a rarefied feel when used correctly. Teak is notable for being resistant to insects, molds, and mildew. Wood, however, comes with higher maintenance costs, as seasonally, it needs to be cleaned, sanded, and sealed. Getting rained on shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but getting a section of it protected by awnings would help significantly.

Seating & Lounging Options

Another aspect to luxurious pool design is considering how the furniture outside will look with the pool.

An elegant alternative to boring plastic sun loungers is a pool design called a tanning ledge. It’s a really shallow portion of the pool where you place the deckchair so you can get your feet wet without fully committing to a swim. It’s a child-friendly design as well since the shallowness, about 6 to 12 inches, and sloped slide lets them play more safely.

In the patio itself, the chairs and furniture could be something else other than deckchairs. In this area, you may have tables for food and other objects. A helpful gauge for the kind of chairs to have by the pool and by the patio is whether the furniture is going to be under the shade, like under the patio, and if you’re alright with it getting wet.

Although, there’s concern of wanting to have the seats closer to the pool and not fully “indoors” but still protected from the heat. A stylish luxury option would be retractable motorized awnings that feature LED light strips.

Water Features

A luxurious pool design is nothing without the main set piece, and these can be fundamental parts of the pool design like the shape of the pool or things that can be added later like a waterfall feature.

Built-in Bar or Swim up Bar

An amenity that may be built right off the pool to exude even more luxurious design is a bar. The particular design of the structure should of course match with the rest of the pool, but the difference here is that this amenity is more a utilitarian feature than aesthetic, so you have as much flexibility as you need in its size, placement, and proportions. The only limit is your imagination.

Throw in some retractable awnings with built-in LED lights and your all set!

Sports Pools & Water Sports Installations

A sports pool is simply a deeper pool. This allows for water sports to be played since sports like water volleyball, swimming, water basketball, and water polo need more depth. As for watersports installations like a volleyball net or a basketball hoop, it may be harder to integrate these into a cohesive luxurious pool design. An option would be to opt for detachable installations and only have them as needed.

Shade Solutions

A relevant factor to consider in luxurious pool design, especially in hotter climates, is the placement of and the customization of shades.

There are many options here. The usual would be umbrellas, but the most aesthetically pleasing would be retractable awnings or exterior drop shades on a gazebo or patio.


The classic Summer beach vibe, umbrellas are essential in the spaces outside the range of awnings. A great idea would be to have umbrella holes fitted along the sides of the pool stairs.

Retractable Awnings

The breadth of flexibility of All Pro Awnings means you can have them match any luxurious pool design. The color of the fabric, the valance style, and the dimensions are all customizable to your needs and design.

Get them manual or motorized!

The built-in dimmable LED lights give that much elegance to your poolside. All of these are remote controlled. Wow your guests by integrating it with smart home functions by using a smart universal remote device that connects to Alexa, Google or even Apple.

Exterior Drop Shades

You wouldn’t want to be in the pool all day under the heat of the sun. Create a shaded patio space for your guests when they want to dry off. The customization options for All Pro Patio Drop Shades are also plentiful, whether it’s the track styles, frame colors, fabric options, and more. They also come in manual or motorized options. That level of flexibility allows for more creativity and utility.

All Pro Shades Concepts offers these excellent shade solutions for your luxurious pool designs at the best price forward, no-pressure sales, along with a Free Quote and Free Installation!

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