Different Backyard Themes That Will Wow Visitors


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And just like that, it’s mid-February. Spring will set in a little over a month from now, and the warmer weather means you get to spend more time outdoors. Sooner or later you’ll find yourself inviting people to come over. If your backyard is looks too drab for visitors, here’s are some theme ideas that will surely make your outdoor space more inviting!


This classic pattern never fails to liven-up any outdoor space. Your backyard’s overall appeal depends on the color of the stripes used in your shades and outdoor furniture. Blue and white stripes can give you a little seaside feel, while black and white can set a more elegant tone. Multiple contrasting colors reminiscent of southwestern patterns is also perfect for any Arizona backyard.


Nothing screams tropical more than hues of blue and green. If you have a pool in your backyard, small palm trees would look great next to it. You can never go wrong with bermuda grass and ferns as ground cover, but it’s also great to add some color in. Flowers or shrubs with a reddish or purple tint also fits with a tropical theme.

Of course, any tropical theme would be incomplete without shades.

Add some poolside awnings to shield yourself and your visitors from the sun! All Pro Shade Concepts’  awnings can be motorized and there are lots of colors to choose from.


The obvious choice for Arizonans may be a desert-themed backyard, but it takes a lot more than just a few cacti to make the space look great. Desert flowers like Zinnia, Marigold, some shrubs, and even succulents provide good ground cover. It also adds a lot of color. Consider using rocks of different shapes and sizes to add a little dimension to your landscaping.


This theme is characterized by sharp lines, laminated wood and steel. Contemporary design uses furniture that are plain-looking, but the beauty of it is there’s a lot of room for contrast. If you feel like your patio or backyard furniture looks flat, you can try contrasting it with different pattern designs like chevron, Greek key, or just loud colors like red.

Need shade solutions that go well with a contemporary design?

There’s no need for you to get up from a lovely conversation with friends just to roll up the shades. All Pro Shade Concepts has modern, sleek patio shades that can be controlled at a touch of a button.

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