How Scottsdale Restaurants Provide Shade for Customers


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Cooling Down Customers

Scottsdale is one of the most visited foodie destinations in the country where you can find culinary nirvana! With a thriving restaurant scene with hundreds of restaurants, this high end community also has some of the best shopping the US has to offer.

Here in Scottsdale, you can’t go wrong with so many dining options available. Because of its reputation, people expect to experience sublime cuisine, superb drinks, and more than a modicum of comfort and convenience during their experience.

Gastropubs, fine dining restaurants, casual dining spots thrive and outdoor seating is popular, especially during peak seasons in the cooler months.

Al Fresco Dining in Style

With a growing demand for dining experiences like breakfast, brunch, happy hour and dinner, restaurant owners look to accommodate their patrons.

Expanding restaurant seating outdoors with commercial shade solutions from All Pro Shade Concepts allows the most convenient solution. Workers are able to provide shade at the touch of a button or crank of a lever, rather than struggling with umbrellas.

Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings are perfect for shading windows or patios of restaurants. Whether you need to block the glare of the sun or reduce cooling costs- retractable awnings can be conveniently retracted into a housing to extend longevity, limiting unnecessary prolonged exposure to the elements (sun, rain, wind, etc).

Motorized retractable Awnings with LED lights add more to the luxurious feel of a restaurant’s appeal. Especially in restaurants of a hotel or a resort, they can complete the ambiance sought after and enjoyed by guests, all year round, night and day.

Outdoor seating at Arizona restaurants that are uncovered can discourage people to use the area, which could affect your ability to maximize the profitability of your space. Adding retractable awnings can double your usable shaded space in seconds!

Exterior Drop Shades

On the other hand, exterior drop shades for patios yield similar results and are another feasible and elegant option that can block out the glare and heat while, at the same time, allowing the breeze in and still giving off an open area feel that diners enjoy.

Consider getting motorized sealed track shades that keep the bugs and debris out, making the area even more comfortable (especially when the mosquitos are out). 

Pro Tip: During the cold months patio shades are used by restaurants to keep the heat in. Many use space heaters to keep customers happy.

Window Sun Screens

Another choice in commercial shade solutions is window sun screens. These can be set to cover the windows of restaurants. Window sun screens are the most basic shade that every business needs in Arizona. Window screens save up to 25% in energy costs, and All Pro Shade Concepts custom makes every screen to fit the specific shapes and sizes that restaurants need.

Scottsdale’s Commercial Shade Provider

Serving Metro Phoenix and the surrounding area, All Pro Shades Concepts is the go-to commercial shades specialist that provide the best product at the best prices to complete the look of your establishment.

See our body of work and how we could save you money while maximizing your real estate and providing the comforting shade that customers expect when dining outdoors.

We provide you the best price forward with no pressure sales and customizable options from the colors to the size to the requirements of your business.

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