Commercial Shade Installations for Restaurants and Bars in Metro Phoenix


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Why Arizona Bars and Restaurants Need Outdoor Shades

Arizona is known for good food as well as a fun and exciting nightlife. The competition among business establishments is getting tougher by the day. This is why many bar and restaurant owners are looking for creative ways to boost their revenue like getting commercial shade installations to improve customer experience.

Let’s explore why shade installations are important for Arizona businesses.

Benefits of Outdoor Shades for Business Establishments

  • Increase your seating capacity – accommodate more customers in your bar or restaurant with shade installations that help increase your seating capacity with just a quick installation. Let your customers enjoy eating al fresco for a whole new outdoor dining experience.
  • Expand your space – shade installations also help expand your space, which you can, later on utilize for various purposes. Bars for instance could use awnings that would provide a covered area for an exterior stage and outdoor performances.
  • Improve customer service – the Arizona sun can be harsh during the summertime, and it may be too much for your customers to handle. With outdoor shading, they can enjoy a better dining experience with reliable protection from the sun and other weather conditions.
  • Level up the ambiance of your commercial space – did you know that a simple deck or patio could increase your revenue by 30%? Customers love outdoor seating because it lets them experience a better ambiance. Al fresco dining is better with quality shades and awnings that protect your customers from all sorts of weather conditions.
  • Expand your customer demographic with a pet-friendly dining arearestaurant outdoor shades are most often a good sign for fur parents because it means they can dine together with their furbabies. Most restaurants with exclusive indoor seating do not allow pets inside their premises. However, if you’re looking to expand your customer demographic, you can get commercial shade installations and turn your business establishment into a pet-friendly restaurant with awnings.

How to get the right shade solutions for your bar or restaurant?

Are you convinced about setting up a shaded area in your bar or restaurant? The next step you should take is to decide what type of shade solution you should get. You can either opt for commercial patio shades or awnings.

Commercial Awnings

Commercial awnings make the perfect addition to any business establishment since it provides better weather protection both daytime and nighttime. If you are hoping to achieve a certain aesthetic or feel for your bar or restaurant, you can easily adjust your commercial awnings to fit your needs.

Commercial Shades

If you have a patio or a deck in your commercial space, you can easily level it up with commercial shade installation. Get ample glare protection with drop shades or get patio shades with a sealed track system to protect your customers from insects, dust, and other debris that may get inside your premises.

Get Customized Commercial Shade Installations with All Pro Shade Concepts

Here at All Pro Shade Concepts, we provide all types of commercial shade installations for your business establishment in Metro Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

We customize them according to your desired size, color, design, and overall look. We make sure you get the most out of your hard-earned money with a functional upgrade that could potentially increase your revenue! All you have to do is pick a sun-resistant fabric that matches your branding and we will get the job done according to any design you want!

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