Moving to Arizona? Luxury Home Additions: Motorized Outdoor Patio Shades


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The Phoenix metro area saw the biggest population growth in 2021, according to a report from Redfin, growing by about 85,000 residents last year, the data showed.

As more and more people are migrating to Arizona, new homeowners are looking to build their dream homes in the desert. What does an Arizona home need and how can you add luxury touches to wow your visitors and enhance your oasis?

Importance of Outdoor Entertainment

Spending time outside is a major pastime for Arizona residents, and optimizing your yard is a must. Whether you’re hosting a gathering during the perfect temperatures of Fall, Winter, or Spring — or enjoying poolside during the warm Summers, there are many ways you can improve your outdoor entertainment spaces, including motorized patio shades.

Patio shades are retractable drop shades that allow you to shade your covered patio area to reduce glare and heat from the sun. During colder months, they help keep in the heat — with many homeowners using space heaters to keep the space warm.

Patio shades from All Pro Shade Concepts allow you to enjoy the benefits of shade without compromising visibility, since you can still see your view through extended shades.

What Track Styles Can You Get with Patio Shades?

There are 2 types of track style to choose from depending on your preference: Cable Track and Sealed Track System.

Sealed Track System Patio Shades for Luxury

Patio shades utilizing All Pro’s Sealed Track System are remote controlled, motorized outdoor shades with side tracks that seal out bugs and debris, and can be used to create an instant Arizona Room when you install shades on every patio opening. When retracted, they are housed in a cassette that protects and enhances the longevity of your shade. Homeowners, designers, and home builders choose All Pro because we can go up to 28 feet wide and 16 feet tall. These can be installed over patio openings, windows, sliding doors, and more.

Luxury homes all over The Valley are incorporating motorized outdoor shades into their designs as it brings a major wow factor, while providing much needed functionality to enjoy the sunniest state.

Cable Track Patio Shades

Another track option for patio shades are All Pro’s Cable Track Patio Shades that can be installed as an open roll or within a cassette housing. Cable track patio shades can be manually operated or motorized.

Track Styles

Our motorized retractable screens can be recessed from view by integration with the building structure or surface mounted onto existing structures, enhancing your outdoor living area and maintaining the aesthetic appeal.

Cable Track

Cable Track patio shades extend and retract shade fabric along heavy duty cables.

Cable Track Features

Open Roll or Cassette Housing
Manual or Motorized
Max Width: 20′

Sealed Track System

Sealed Track shades pulls fabric taut and provides a seal to keep out bugs and debris from entering your patio.

Sealed Track Features

Cassette Housing
Motorized Only
Go Up to 28’ wide and 16’ tall

Patio shades from All Pro can be customized not only for size, but also frame and screen fabric colors and sun blockage percentage. Choose a color that matches your home aesthetic and/or complies with HOA regulations. Decide how much sun comes through based on your preference.

Moving into an East–West facing home? Learn about how this can affect the temperature inside your home!

All Pro Shade Concepts has grown as the shade installers of choice in the Metro Phoenix Areas. We’ve earned the highest rating for a shade company in our area on Google Reviews and other platforms. We take pride in being transparent, customer experience and quality centered, with no-pressure sales. Get a free online quote today! You can also call ahead and come into our showroom for a demonstration. We love working with general contractors and designers!

Why All Pro Shade Concepts is Different

All Pro is built on high quality and customer satisfaction. Founded by an Arizona native, we understand the importance of proper shade in homes and businesses, and strive to provide the most seamless and pleasant experience for our customers.

Why Do Other Companies Fall Short?

  • Most other companies don’t go over 16 feet on a drop shade.
  • Their shades may only have a hood but not a case.
  • They don’t provide Sealed Track shades, which have advanced technology to basically eliminate malfunctions.


On the other hand, you can trust All Pro to provide high-quality, customized patio shades for your home or business, utilizing only the best products and materials.

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