How to Turn Your Phoenix Home into a Guest-Friendly Abode


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Summer’s all about making memories with friends and family. While inviting people over is a great opportunity to show off your barbecuing skills, it’s important to give your guests a pleasant and relaxing experience. Summer in Phoenix can be brutal, so you have to make sure your home is comfortable enough for your guests. Here’s how you can turn your Phoenix home into a guest-friendly abode that your friends and family would love to come back to.


Create a Transformable Space

Give your patio an upgrade by turning it into a transformable space. This is easily achieved with zipper-sealed patio shades that instantly transform your patio into an ‘indoor-feeling’ space. Zipper-sealed shades keep insects and debris out, acting like a pseudo-wall. More importantly, it blocks out the sun while letting the breeze in, making the space cooler and more comfortable. 

Provide Comfortable Seating

Have you checked your outdoor furniture lately? Well-maintained outdoor furniture is indispensable in creating relaxing environments. Some types of furniture need more care and maintenance than others. Upholstered couches, and hammocks, for example, may require some washing once in a while, depending on the type of fabric used. Wood furniture with an outdoor finish (like exterior varnished wood) can be washed or wiped down


Expand Your Entertainment Space

Inviting more people over to hang out or use the pool?

Make sure you have enough shaded space in your backyard for people to lounge around or take a break from swimming. Retractable pool-side awnings can expand the shaded area in your home, giving you and your guests more room for outdoor activities. 

Keep Interiors Cool

You don’t always have to entertain your guests outdoors. Creating a comfortable space inside your home is just as important, but relying too much on airconditioning may be costly. Adding quality sun screens to your windows can help you save energy, as it blocks most of the sunlight and glare. You can also use interior roll shades to block out the light in your living room – perfect for movie marathon days! 


All Pro Shades Concepts, are Arizona’s #1 Trusted SRP Certified Contractors that can install window sun screens eligible for SRP’s Screen Rebate.

SRP is offering customers a rebate of $0.80 per square foot on professionally installed shade screens to keep their homes cooler during Phoenix’s summer months.

Get Shade Solutions from All Pro Shade Concepts

All Pro Shade Concepts is Arizona’s most reliable shade installers. Catch us on ABC 15’s Sonoran Living and see what we have to offer you. Since shade is a necessity in Arizona, we make sure to get you what you need to make your Arizona home as comfortable as possible.

Let’s Get Started

All Pro Shade Concepts specializes in the honest & professional installation of custom window screens, awnings, & patio shades. We take pride in giving you the best products with the best service, guaranteed! Our team provides you with a free home or business assessment and quote, with no pressure to buy. Explore our available services and contact us with any questions.


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