HOA-friendly Home Upgrades with Awnings & Patio Shades


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Shades For All Seasons & Many Reasons

As Arizona grows and more HOA neighborhoods are built, homeowners are looking to improve their homes while staying compliant with HOA rules.

In Arizona, shade is an essential part of daily life. Whether you are getting patio shades, awnings, or sun screens, you can definitely enjoy all these functional installations all year round. The best part is that shades from All Pro can be installed in cooperation with design rules set by HOAs.

Homeowners Associations

Depending on which neighborhood you’re in, HOPB.co suggests you check the Arizona Homeowners’ Associations (HOA) Laws and Resources available for your area to make sure you are on the right track with your home upgrades.

Residents of HOA neighborhoods are left feeling unable to customize their homes, but there are ways these homeowners can still differentiate their homes.

A great benefit of customized shade solutions from All Pro for your home is that it allows you to comply with the rules and guidelines set by your HOA, while adding function and design. 

Living in an HOA neighborhood doesn’t have to be restricting!

We have a vast selection of color options that are compliant with HOA requirements.

HOA-Compliant Home Upgrades that Just Make Sense

With many different types of home improvement options for Arizona homes, an HOA can feel limiting. Luckily, patio shades and awnings from All Pro are HOA compliant and provide the most benefit when it comes to year-round function in Arizona.

No need to worry about possible fines or other inconveniences when you work with All Pro for patio shades, awnings, and our SRP shade rebate eligible window sun screens.

Patio Shades

Drop shades on your patio are great for Summer to cool down, and even Winter when you want to keep the heat in (great to use with a space heater). 

Choose from our cable track shades or our Sealed Track Patio Shades, which can seal out bugs. 

In other words, patio shades help avoid temperature extremes. And when you avoid extremes, you avoid extreme electric bills for your home’s heating system!

All Pro’s team of expert professionals can even customize the track installation on difficult materials like decorative stone.


Awnings are amazing when you need a little extra outdoor entertainment space. They can double your covered patio space, or create one where needed. Easily retract when not needed.

Motorized Retractable Awnings with LED lights are one of All Pro’s best-selling installations. 

All of our products have frame and fabric color options to comply with your HOA restrictions.

Customized Shade Solutions for Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary. You deserve to optimize comfort and convenience, even when you live in an HOA neighborhood. 

Don’t settle for sub-par shades that don’t fit your home like a glove. We go above and beyond to provide Arizona homeowners with the exact fit for their individualized needs. 

Pre-fabricated shades just don’t do you justice- custom is the way to go, whether you want to add value or just make your dream forever home.

All Pro Are Your Home Pros

The best HOA compliant home addition is to get custom-made shades. All Pro Shade Concepts offers FREE home inspections and online quotes. Not only that, every project comes with FREE installation as well! Even better, All Pro partners with Hearth Financing to find you the best financing terms for any shade installation you have in mind.

Browse through our online portfolio and check out our premium-quality shade installations. Bring your dream home upgrade to life and wow the HOA while you’re at it!

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