Thinking Of Selling Your Home? Upgrades That Can Attract Buyers


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Are you ready to sell your home in hopes of finding your dream home? Maybe you’re relocating for work or family. Either way, if you’re considering selling your current home, there are some upgrades you should consider making in order to attract the most buyers. Here are some tips –
Tip: buyers will like the look of consistent flooring throughout. So don’t go out and pick a bunch of different types and/or colors of flooring.

Update Flooring

If your carpet/tile/hardwood is looking a bit dirty and run down, you should definitely consider updating it. Hardwood is always a classic, nowadays tile should be kept strictly to bathrooms and kitchens to avoid a dated look, and it’s best to keep carpet colors on the neutral side.

If hardwood flooring is the look you’re going for but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can look for laminate flooring that looks like wood. This will keep costs down, but still attract buyers to the more modern look.

All Pro Shade Concepts installs custom window sun screens, awnings, and patio shades; and are the leading shade providers in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, the East Valley (Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Queen Creek) and West Valley (Phoenix, Glendale, Sun City, Laveen, Peoria, Avondale, Goodyear).

Kitchen/Bathroom Renovation

If your budget allows it, consider a kitchen and/or bathroom renovation. Doing one or both of these could significantly increase the value of your home and the willingness of buyers to take a look at your home. It could be as simple as changing the backsplash in your kitchen or repainting old cabinets and installing new hardware on it. If you’re looking for more value to be added, replacing your countertops will help as well.
Tip: Try to keep the colors you choose light, bright, and neutral – especially if there is not a lot of natural light filtering in these rooms.
Tip: Think about updating your front door as well – especially if it’s looking old and paint is chipping.


Curb appeal. If you haven’t heard that term yet, get used to hearing it. This is the first thing buyers will see and consider. If the outside of your home is not appealing, chances are they won’t even bother stepping inside. To avoid this, try updating your landscape. Make sure there are no dead weeds or plants. Ensure there is not clutter from toys or old furniture. If you’re able to, try having your home repainted. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in addition to updated roofing.

Your goal here is to make someone drive by and want to stop just by looking at the outside of your home.

Update Windows

If your home was constructed pre 1970 and hasn’t been updated since, the windows are probably not the best for several reasons. If your home is so old that it doesn’t have a good central air system, home buyers will already be hesitant. By replacing or updating your windows, this could help insulate the home further, allow for a window A/C unit to be installed, and give the home a more modern look. You could also consider installing sun screens in the windows to further insulate the home. Doing this could keep more heat from coming into the home and give it another uniform look from the outside (hint: curb appeal!). They will also allow you more privacy from the outside, while still being able to see the view from the inside.
Tip: If you are installing sun screens in your windows, be sure to consult a professional. This is one project you should not try to DIY. All Pro Shade Concepts are experts at installations and even customize them to your liking. The company even participates in the SRP Shade Screen Rebate Program, which could end up saving you money if their sun screens are installed into your home!

Let’s Get Started!

All Pro Shade Concepts specializes in the honest & professional installation of custom window screens, awnings, & patio shades.
Tip: If you haven’t looked at it in over a year and it is not any kind of important document, you probably will never look at or need it again. It’s time to say goodbye to it.


This one isn’t so much an upgrade as it is a must do. If you were to walk into a home with a lot of items strewn everywhere, you probably wouldn’t want to stay long either. So why expect homebuyers to? Make sure you declutter your home prior to any open houses (and before photos are taken as well!) to prevent potential homebuyers missing the little details you love and worked so hard to update. You could have the most beautiful living room, but if your kids have taken it over as a playroom, it won’t feel inviting to someone looking to buy.

If you would like more information on All Pro Shades Concept and their line of products, visit their website here, or call them at (623) 204-1476

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