How To Enjoy Fall in Your Arizona Yard


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The leaves are transforming into shades of mesmerizing golds, reds, and oranges. The temperature gets cooler at this time of the month. In Arizona, where the summers are longer, the Fall season is a welcoming sight, and it’s the best time to relax outdoors. Here’s how you can prepare your backyard this fall, for your and your family to enjoy.

Make Your Yard More Inviting

Just because pool season is almost over doesn’t mean your yard has to sit idly. Fall is one of the best times to take advantage of your outdoor space. Add some outdoor rugs to your patio create a warm and cozy space. You may also change your slip covers to match fall colors. Make sure you install patio shades to block out the sun’s glare without disrupting the view. Motorized patio shades with sensors are ideal, because you can program it to automatically roll up or down depending on the sun or wind.

Use Awnings to Expand Your Guest Space

Awnings are a perfect way to expand your guest space and add a little more shade to your backyard. Water and mildew proof awnings are great for the fall season too. Retractable awnings with wind sensors are easy to use. The sensors make sure that your awnings retract when the wind starts blowing too hard.

Protect Your Patio from Elements

Wind in the fall season cools your outdoor patio area and leave an atmosphere of cozy weather in the yard. If you have a backyard full of trees and plants, debris can easily get into your patio area. To prevent this, use zipper-sealed patio shades. Zipper-sealed patio shades keeps the debris and bugs away from your patio while letting the cool breeze in.

Let’s Get Started

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