Five Arizona Backyard Improvement Tips for Families with Children


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Enjoy Backyard Activities With Your Kids

Your kids deserve a backyard where they can enjoy while being safe. If you want your kids to go outside and enjoy their time under the Arizona sun, then here are some backyard improvement tips that both you and your kids can enjoy.

1. Lay Down Some Grass or Turf

Space in your backyard for play is a great way for kids to enjoy the outdoors and get some fresh air. Whether you decide on laying down sod or installing artificial grass, kids benefit from having an outdoor entertainment space. Does your turf get too hot? Many homeowners install retractable awnings to help shade, cool, and protect turf.

2. Make a Kid-Friendly Garden

Gardening helps kids learn personal responsibility by cultivating plants and making sure that they grow well. They can easily grow their own veggies or flowers, and spend quality time with parents or grandparents while they learn.

3. Build a Treehouse or Playhouse

A treehouse is a classic example of what makes for excellent childhood memories. If you have a sturdy old tree in your backyard, why not build a treehouse? It’s perfect for playing and getting some outdoor time. The process of making one may also involve your kids, making them appreciate it more. There are some great playhouse and treehouse kits available depending on your style and kids’ age.

4. Install a Swing

Adding a swing set is another fun upgrade to consider. They’re great for Arizona backyards and your family will enjoy it for years to come. It’s not simply for your children to enjoy, after all, since you can choose swing sets that can cater to adults as well.

5. Add More Shade

It’s important to keep your kids protected from the rays of the Arizona sun, which is why it’s vital for AZ homes to have adequate shade. Awnings and patio shades provide kids and guests with more shaded areas for retreating from the intense sun, reducing the risks of not only sun burns, but overheating (especially during the hot months). 

Adding shade to patios, poolsides, and pergolas can make all the difference in comfort. Motorized options make extending & retracting shades simple with remote control and sun/wind sensor options.

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