6 Effective Ways You Can Lower Your Energy Bills this Summer


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During the summer, people want to stay indoors and escape the heat. This is especially true if you live in states like Arizona. With the rising cost of electricity, plus the demand for cooling, how do you stay within your budget? As always, we’ve got you covered. Here are 6 effective ways you can lower your energy bills this summer.

Inspect Your Appliances

We’re almost halfway through 2019, so it only makes sense for you to give your appliances due routine check. Start with the cooling appliances like your air conditioning. If you keep your AC running while the filter is dirty, your room won’t be as cool as it should be. Make sure to have a professional look at big appliances like your AC or fridge to see if they need some cleaning or repair. There are also small changes you can do yourself, like switching your lights from incandescent to LED.

Install Zipper-Sealed Patio Shades

Your patio is a good place to entertain guests, but it can be too hot during the summer. Zipper-sealed patio shades can help keep the heat away without obstructing the view of the backyard. It also keeps the debris and insects out. It also protects your furniture from intense UV rays leading to bleaching or sun damage.

Use Awnings to Expand Your Entertainment Space

Staying indoors for a long period of time is guaranteed to raise your bills. You’ll be tempted to use the AC more than usual, as well as other entertainment appliances in your living room. This is why you should extend your entertainment space with awnings. If you have a pool, a pool-side awning add the extra shade you need while taking a break from swimming.

Use the Oven Less

It doesn’t hurt to add a little variety to your usual meals. Summer is a great opportunity to try other recipes while reducing your bills. Take a break from using the electric oven and try eating more cold or no-cook food. This also cuts down on preparation and cooking time so you’ll have more time for family. Make more salads, smoothies (helps to beat the heat!), sandwiches, and of course, start eating more fruits. Cooking outside is great too. Who doesn’t love a good summer barbecue?

Get Quality Sun Screens

Sun screens for your windows look great and will improve your curb appeal, but it also makes our home energy efficient. Good sun screens can block up to 80% of the sun’s rays and can keep the interior of your home cool all summer long. It helps get rid of that annoying glare from the harsh sun. Plus, it also gives you privacy and security, as it blocks the view of your home from the outside.

Make Use of Rebate Programs

Always check your local energy provider’s promotions and rebates. Some utility companies encourage their customers to switch to more energy-efficient lifestyle. 

In Arizona, for example, local power provider SRP provides rebates of $0.80 per square foot of window screens. All Pro Shade Concepts is a trusted and preferred contractor for The SRP Shade Screen Rebate Program.

Ready to become more energy efficient? Contact All Pro Shade Concepts today for a free home inspection. We’ll give you a quote – no pressure! Call (623) 204-1476 today. 

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Ready to become more energy efficient? Contact All Pro Shade Concepts today for a free home inspection. We’ll give you a quote - no pressure! Call (623) 204-1476 today.

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