Turn Your Patio into a Backyard Oasis

Need inspiration for your next home project, something that everyone will enjoy? Create an oasis, a place to relax and enjoy company, in the midst of your sun-soaked Arizona Backyard. It may seem like a daunting task, but planning can make all the difference.

Here’s what you can do to make your patio the perfect backyard oasis.

Add a Patio Bar

When creating an oasis in your backyard patio, think about the comfort and convenience of having refreshments readily available. Adding a patio bar, complete with a mini-fridge, can make entertaining easy.

Mix up a variety of cocktails like a pro, & create a house drink that guests will surely remember. 

Invest in Outdoor Furniture

If you want to kick back and relax in your patio oasis, it’s important to invest in some comfy outdoor furniture. The furniture you buy should be able to withstand the elements outside while showcasing your personal style.

Have tables, chairs, or benches to provide plenty of seating options for guests.

All Pro Shade Concepts will be at the MARICOPA COUNTY HOME SHOWS this March 6-8 2020. Catch us at the State Farm Stadium and take a look at our custom quality awnings, sun screens, and more.

Get an Outdoor Rug

Create the perfect spot to sit around and gather with company, by accenting your patio with an outdoor rug. Find one that compliments your outdoor furniture & the decor. It’s also a good idea to measure the area first so you’ll have an idea of the size of the rug you’ll need.

Add Plants & Flowers

If you want to get that aesthetically-pleasing outdoor space, then you should mix it up by adding a variety of plants or flowers around your patio. You can throw in some more color by putting up some flower beds and you can even get that tropical feel by having bamboo, palm trees, and hibiscus. A beautiful flower arrangement as your centerpiece, or some hanging plants can add personality and depth to your space.

Add Awnings

Awnings extend from the wall and are often placed above patio openings, windows or doors. To extend the patio entertainment space, or provide more shade for your patio/pool area, Awnings are the perfect solution. Motorized & Manual Options are available, with a wide variety of colors. They are useful year-round, increasing shade from the summer sun, while providing more coverage during rainfall.

Install Patio Drop Shades

When you have the glare or heat of the sun to put up with, then you’re going to need patio drop shades for protection against the sun’s rays. Not only do they block off heat from your patio, but they also keep out rays from entering through your doors and windows. Choose from motorized or manual operated options. Look into Zipper-Sealed Patio Shades as an alternative to cable tracks, where your patio is completely enclosed to keep bugs & debris out of your patio.

All Pro Shade Concepts offers Arizona the most customized experienced shade installations, allowing customers to get exactly what they need & want. Unlike other companies, All Pro can accommodate drop shades over 16 feet, fully encased options, and the very popular zipper-sealed option.

Get Started on Your AZ Oasis

The most essential factor to consider when building an oasis in your backyard is the comfort that it brings year-round, especially during summer. Contact a local, trusted shade installation company that provides your Arizona Home with quality products and services.

In need of window sun screens, awnings, and roll shades for your backyard oasis?

All Pro Shade Concepts will provide you with quality shade installations only utilizing quality motors & materials. If you’re looking to get that outdoor oasis project started in your backyard, connect with AZ’s most trusted shade company. Contact us now for a free quote.

Let’s Get Started

All Pro Shade Concepts specializes in the honest & professional installation of custom window screens, awnings, & patio shades. We take pride in giving you the best products with the best service, guaranteed! Our team provides you with a free home or business assessment and quote, with no pressure to buy. Explore our available services and contact us with any questions.

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New Homeowner’s Guide: SRP Rebates

Moving into your new home? You probably have a list of things to do to start your new life. Getting the essentials set up, like electricity & utilities, landscaping or painting. What you might forget is the need for shade & screens, which is definitely a necessity in Arizona. You'll need to maximize benefits that may lie in promos, rebates, and discounts that contractors and utility companies provide. You may not be aware that SRP Residential Electric is offering rebates of $0.80 per square foot on installed shade screens.

The Benefits of Shade Screens

Shade screens are multi-purpose - they serve to give you and your family privacy while in the comfort of your own home. Well-made screens can enhance your curb appeal and help raise the value of your home. But the biggest benefit is energy efficiency. Shade screens block off most of the sun’s rays, so your home stays cool, especially during summer. SRP encourages home-owners to install energy-efficient upgrades and has partnered with contractors like All Pro Shade Concepts.

How to Qualify


  • Be a permanent SRP residential electric customer that resides in a single-family detached, single-family attached (duplex, triplex or quadplex only), mobile home or apartment/condo (duplex, triplex or quadplex only).
  • Purchase and install new or refurbished, qualifying shade screens with a licensed contractor by April 30, 2020.
  • Install shade screens that block at least 80% of the solar heat gain on sun-struck windows only (west-, south- and east-facing windows).
  • Install screens on the exterior of clear glass windows that enclose an air-conditioned space.

How to Apply

  • With your All Pro Shade Concepts contractor, complete a rebate application and mail it to:SRP Shade Screen Program 2702 N. Third St., Suite 2020 Phoenix, AZ 85004
  • Applications can be obtained by calling (602) 266-7283.
  • Include a copy of the dated paid invoice.
  • Upon request by SRP, you must allow SRP or our agent to inspect the installed shade screens to verify compliance with program requirements.

Let’s Get Started

All Pro Shade Concepts makes only high quality, customized sun screens. You can choose from several fabric colors to match your home’s style. Get a FREE QUOTE today.

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Host the Most Epic Super Bowl Party

Now that 2019 is but a distant memory, it’s time to look forward to 2020’s first big event - The Super Bowl! Super Bowl LIV 2020 will be at 4:30 PM MST on

Sunday, February 2, 2020


If you’re planning to host a Super Bowl party in your home, it’s never too early to prepare. Here are some in hosting the most epic Super Bowl party:

Prepare the Space

Think about how guests will watch the game. Prepare the amount of seating you will need for everyone to enjoy the game comfortably. While the couch may not be adequate to accommodate all your guests, think about putting the game on in different areas. A popular Idea is to have the game on in the backyard. Grill burgers and hot dogs, or grab a beer while enjoying the game as the kids play. 

Comfy seats are essential, and you should set them up so everyone can see the screen and easily access the food. If you’re hosting the party on your patio, you can expand your entertainment space with some awnings, or make it a little more intimate (and bug free!) with some zipper-sealed patio shades. Decorate the area according to the colors of the teams playing with some streamers, mini-flags and foam-fingers, and you’re all set! 

Game & Half-Time Show Fun

Get everyone into the Super Bowl spirit with some fun games around the event. Start a drinking game that revolves around certain plays, commercials, or the half time show. Jennifer Lopez & Shakira will be the headliners for this year's Super Bowl Half Time Show.

Make a pool for Super Bowl predictions before the game starts and have everyone put in a couple dollars to play.  You can even have some fun with the prizes- get a little trophy and pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate the winner.


Simple, But Delicious Food

When it comes to Super Bowl parties, there’s no need to be fancy with food. Just remember these two things: savory and sweet. You can never go wrong with classics like barbecue, hotdogs, or tacos. Make your party standout by keeping food presentation cohesive to the Super Bowl theme, if you are feeling up for the challenge try to make a Super Bowl Snack Stadium. For dessert, make some Super Bowl-themed sweets (check out delicious recipes on Pinterest!). 

Lots of Drinks!

A Super Bowl Party is not complete without some refreshing drinks. Think about what kind of drinkers your guests are, and how tipsy you want them to get. Get a beer keg or a cooler full of beer for the occasion.

Of course, not everyone drinks alcohol. Remember to serve fun non-alcoholic drinks for designated drivers and guests who prefer to stay sober. If there are kids attending think of what they would enjoy.

Ready to host the most unforgettable party ever? Let All Pro Shade Concepts get your backyard ready for parties all year round with high-quality shade solutions. 

Let’s Get Started

All Pro Shade Concepts specializes in the honest & professional installation of custom window screens, awnings, & patio shades. We take pride in giving you the best products with the best service, guaranteed! Our team provides you with a free home or business assessment and quote, with no pressure to buy. Explore our available services and contact us with any questions.

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