Staying Home: Tips to Make a Comfortable and Energy-Efficient Home

The COVID-19 pandemic brought fear and uncertainty. Stay-at-home orders and recommended quarantining had everyone isolated in their homes. Even as the economy works through strategies to reopen, many people are still choosing to limit their time out in public on the side of caution. 

Now is the perfect time to address improvements that need to be made to your home, as you will most likely be spending more time there, or  in case another wave of the novel coronavirus ensues. Make your home your own personal oasis from the craziness of the world.

Comfort in Arizona’s Summer Heat

The temperatures are already reaching triple digits, and the heat will continue into September. Make sure to schedule any repairs to your air conditioner, pool, misting system, or grill. Pool season is in full swing, does your yard have adequate shade to protect you and your family from harmful UV rays and overheating?  

Awnings - Awnings are a great solution for poolside shade, allowing you to expand your space when the heat gets a little too intense. You can even have awnings installed that can shade the pool. What’s more convenient is that they can be retractable, so you can simply keep them tucked when you don’t need them. Learn More About Awnings


Plant Shade Trees - Trees can definitely add more comfort to your yard by not only providing shade from the rays of the sun but can also drop the temperature in your home if placed by windows. They can also add beauty to your yard’s appearance as well!

Umbrellas - Having some umbrellas ready is a great solution when the Arizona sun starts to turn scorching hot. They’re the quickest and easiest solution if you want to be a little bit comfortable under the heat of the Arizona sun.


Patio Shades - Like awnings, patio shades are also excellent when you’re expanding your outdoor space. You even have options available for patio shades, whether zipper

Rising Air Conditioning Costs

Staying in could mean skyrocketing energy bills from increased air conditioning usage, especially if you're working from home and your kids are home more. How can you improve your home to be more energy efficient?

Motion, Sun, and Wind Sensors

As shading your home with awnings and patio shades can keep your home significantly cooler, there are accessories to make motorized shade installation more efficient. Sensors that are able to detect the direction of the wind and the sun’s rays, as well as motion, help in keeping the wind or sun’s rays in check by intelligently sensing them during certain times of the day. Installing sensors will definitely help in regulating your home’s temperature.



Sun Sensors - These sensors will detect sun exposure and will automatically drop your patio shades or extend your awnings.

Wind/Movement Sensors - When winds get a little too strong, especially during monsoon season, these sensors will retract your motorized awnings and patio shades.

Window Sun Screens

Keeping your home cooler with the shade solutions mentioned above can help cool your home, but a key necessity for every Arizona home is window sun screens

Window sun screens can help you save on air conditioning by helping keep your home’s interior cooler, all while providing a better sense of privacy and security. They also give your home that clean and refreshing look. If your screens are torn or worn, now is a great time to replace them. 

Save up to 25% on cooling costs, all while being able to choose the color of your liking. You can definitely get the most out of window sun screens!

Get a Rebate for Window Sunscreens With SRP Shade Screen Rebate Program

SRP is offering rebates of $0.80 per square foot on window shade screens professionally installed by All Pro Shade Concepts. If you’re looking to keep your home cooler in the coming months, then take advantage of this offer today!

We Provide Quality Shade Solutions

All Pro Shade Concepts, we have patio shades, sun screens, awnings, and more available for your home—and we’re here to serve you. We’re your reliable AZ local-owned provider for shade solutions as featured on ABC 15. For a free quote, feel free to contact us here at All Pro Shade Concepts.

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