Prepare Your Arizona Backyard as The Temperature Drops

When the Hot Summer is Fading, Make Sure Your Backyard is Ready for Fun

As the summer is nearing its end, you should make improvements to your home, especially to your backyard, so you can take advantage of the amazing weather ahead and spend time with loved ones in the fresh air. If you are thinking about what improvements your backyard could use before you start hosting, read our tips to have the perfect backyard for hosting.

Prepare Your Lawn

In Arizona, the summers are so hot and the winters so cold, that we must plant winter grass every year, as the Bermuda grass that’s active in the summer cannot survive the winter and goes dormant. 

From September to May Bermuda grass will not be seen; This is when you have to plant the Ryegrass to get a new green grassy lawn in winter months.Homeowners overseed their grass to ensure that they grow well and thick through the colder months, with the most ideal time to start seeding being early October.

Hang Lighting

To add the essence of luxury and provide lighting for night time hangouts, by installing recessed lighting in your patio area or hanging globe lights over your yard. Aside from that, they also add an aesthetically-pleasing aura to your home.

Outdoor Seating

Make your home extremely comfortable when you have guests by investing in quality outdoor furniture. Think about whether you want metal or wood, and make sure any fabric that is used is water resistant, fade resistant, and mildew resistant as the element can do major damage quickly in the Arizona climate.

Protect Against the Elements

  • Awnings - With moisture and rain making their way to your home, awnings aren’t only useful for protecting your home from the heat of the sun. If you want to protect your home from rain, awnings are the way to go. Motorized & manual options available.
  • Patio Shades - Expanding your outdoor space in the winter can also involve patio shades. They protect your patio from the elements, allowing you to spend much more time outdoors. Zipper-Sealed Patio Shades provide additional protection, keeping bugs sealed out of the area. Motorized & manual options available.
  • Window Sun Screens - Sun screens are great for the winter, as well as throughout the summer. The best things after a HOT Arizona summer, is to open your windows when the weather is finally bearable. Window Sun Screens are vital as they allow you to keep windows open, without letting bugs into your home. Learn about SRP Screen Rebate

Improve Your Backyard With All Pro Shade Concepts

The cold season may be the perfect time to spend some time outside since you don’t have to put up with the intense heat of the sun but you still need protection. By getting awnings, patio shades, and more from All Pro Shade Concepts, you can ensure protection throughout your time outside. Thank you for supporting a small, locally owned business Arizona!

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Get Shade Solutions from All Pro Shade Concepts

All Pro Shade Concepts is Arizona’s most reliable shade installers. Catch us on ABC 15’s Sonoran Living and see what we have to offer you. Since shade is a necessity in Arizona, we make sure to get you what you need to make your Arizona home as comfortable as possible.


Robert Mulvin, the owner of All Pro, appeared on ABC 15's Sonoran Living: Home Pros last February, and discussed how important it is to protect your home from sun exposure. He then also shared a wide array of choices of shade solution textiles. Watch the video below to learn more.

Win premium installations from Arizona’s most reliable experts when it comes to shade solutions. All Pro Shade Concepts is committed to giving you quality awnings, interior/exterior drop shades, window sun screens, and so much more. If you love living in Arizona and want to enjoy the comforts of home, then All Pro Shade Concepts is here for you. Contact us for a free quote.

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