Staying Cool Poolside This Summer

Don’t Let the Hot Arizona Summer Sun Get to You. 

The sweltering heat of the Arizona summer can definitely take a toll on you, especially if you’re staying home more. Here are some tips to help keep yourself cool at home during the hot summer months.

Prepare Cold Snacks

You can easily make cold snacks yourself.  You can cut fruit and freeze them, make popsicles, or maybe prepare some ice cream.

You can even shave some ice and add in some flavoring to create snow cones for everyone to enjoy.

Turn your Home into a Summer Oasis

Install a Misting System

You can keep temperatures at a lower level by adding mist to the cooling process. Having a misting system installed on your home, which works best in low-humidity environments like Arizona, can cool the surroundings by about 25 degrees. A misting system uses little energy, so you won’t have to worry about surges in energy bills.

Hydrate Regularly

It’s important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day since the heat drains your body of moisture and the ability to cool itself through sweating.

After a long hot day, nothing is better than being able to have a glass of cold water but it’s important that you keep at it with the habit.

3 Best Pool Shade Ideas for Summer

Seek Shade

Try not to overheat in the triple-digit temperatures. Not only does staying in the shade protect you from harmful UV rays, but it can also keep your body temperature down and prevent fainting.

Trees - Having trees on your property can give you that much-needed shade and cooling comfort during the summer. Certain trees such as Arizona Ash or Elm both grow well in the summer and are enough to help keep your home cool.

Awnings - Perfect for poolside shade, providing comfort against the sun’s heat, have awnings installed. You can get retractable awnings that you can simply roll back whenever you don’t need them. Awnings can definitely give you that much-needed shade.

Patio Shades - If you want to provide shade on your patio, then you should install patio drop shades. Choose from a variety of options available for you such as motorized mechanisms, and even shades with advanced sun/movement sensors.


Keep Your Home Cool During the Day

Staying at home during the summer can obviously get very uncomfortable. Prepare your home for the summer by installing curtains, among other solutions that could keep the your home cool:

Window Sun Screens - Sun screens are the perfect way to keep your interior cooler, saving you on air conditioning costs during the sweltering hot summer. They also look classy from the outside, giving your home that clean fresh look, all while keeping it energy efficient.

Is your home ready to take on the summer months? Keep yourself cool by having shades installed.

Awnings, interior/exterior drop shades, and window sun screens can give that much-needed cooling comfort at home.

All Pro Shade Concepts Will Help You Prepare

As the hot summer months are fast approaching, you can count on All Pro to install shade solutions that will keep you cool inside & outside your home. We have awnings, window sun screens, and patio shades that are perfect for your Arizona home, allowing you to cool down as the summer continues. As Arizona’s reliable local shade provider, you can trust All Pro Shade Concepts.

Win premium installations from Arizona’s most reliable experts when it comes to shade solutions. All Pro Shade Concepts is committed to giving you quality awnings, interior/exterior drop shades, window sun screens, and so much more. If you love living in Arizona and want to enjoy the comforts of home, then All Pro Shade Concepts is here for you. Contact us for a free quote.

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