How To Maximize The Natural Breeze In Your Arizona Home

Arizona living at it's best!


It’s no secret that Arizona can see some sweltering summers. What most people who aren’t locals don’t know though, is how beautiful our spring seasons can be. On average, an Arizona spring season sees temperatures from 77℉ to 85℉. With great weather and sunshine to be enjoyed, there’s no reason to be cooped up inside and running up your electric bill with air conditioning.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of spring and invite some Arizona breeze into your home -

Open Windows

The most comfortable way to enjoy the breeze is opening a few windows in your home. Not only do you get fresh air in and circulating around your home, but it’s an energy efficient way to cool down a space.

While the weather is nice enough to open windows, the sun will still come in and heat up your space. However, you can still enjoy having a few windows open and still block out the harsh sun. By installing sun screens from All Pro Shade Concepts, you can have both a breeze and block the sun!

Sun screens are installed on windows in your home and are able to keep a room cooler - blocking 80-90% of the sun’s rays - while still inviting in a breeze. The best part is that it doesn’t block your view from the window. While you’re saving about 20% in cooling costs, you can enjoy the beautiful weather that Arizona has to offer.

All Pro Shade Concepts installs custom window sun screens, awnings, and patio shades; and are the leading shade providers in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, the East Valley (Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Queen Creek) and West Valley (Phoenix, Glendale, Sun City, Laveen, Peoria, Avondale, Goodyear). 

Take advantage of the extraordinary weather! All Pro specializes in the precise installation of awnings, window sun screens, or patio shades to reduce the amount of sun enters your home, while letting the breeze in!

Spend Time On Your Patio

The easiest way to feel a breeze when at home is to just step outside! Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and bask in the great weather before summer comes. When outside though, you are exposed to the sun’s damaging UV rays. While you could put on sunscreen and generously reapply every 2 hours, that doesn’t help when the sun is directly hitting you and sooner than you know, you’re sweating.

Instead, think about getting an awning or patio shade.

An awning will be retractable with an option to make it motorized, and when purchased with All Pro Shade Concepts, the awning will be made from high quality fabric that will come with a 10-year warranty. If motorized, you could control it with your smartphone and the motor even has a 5-year warranty as well!

Create an Oasis

If you feel that your home needs more than just awning, you could also think about having a patio shade. Patio shades give full coverage from not just the sun but all types of weather. Not only will you be able to enjoy the wonderful spring weather, but you can comfortably enjoy your patio during summer, fall, and winter.

 If there are any ways All Pro Shade Concepts can help you enjoy the beautiful spring weather at your home:

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How to give your house a fresh update using these tips:

Is your house looking dingy, old, or uninviting? After you’ve owned a home for a while, maintenance and additions move lower and lower on your priority list. It’s time to take pride in your home again and get it looking amazing with a few simple (or extravagant) updates that could make all the difference.

Clean up the look of your home’s exterior

How your home looks on the outside reflects on you. You want your home to represent a well-maintained, kept household.


It may seem like a mission, but painting your home can make all the difference. If you do it yourself you can save a lot of money, just be ready to put in the elbow grease since you have to alot time to tape up all of your windows, doors, and trim. Investing in a paint sprayer is inexpensive and will save you a significant amount of time compared to using a paint brush or roller.


Nothing is worse for a home’s exterior look than raggedy, torn-up, or faded window shades. Get quality sun screens for your windows from All Pro Shade Concepts. Their service is outstanding and their screens are custom fabricated to fit your windows. Choose the amount of visibility for privacy, with plenty of color shades to choose from. Add style and sophistication with fresh window sun screens.

Window sun screens can also benefit the interior of your home, which could also use an update.


Refresh your home’s interior look.

How your home looks on the outside reflects on you. You want your home to represent a well-maintained, kept household.


If you’re itching for a big change in your home’s look, consider changing the floors and/or replacing your old couch. A couch that looks flat and old can bring down the look of your living room, as can damaged or worn flooring.


It can be as simple as getting a new rug or a new piece of art to change a room’s dynamic. Add a pop of color or at least replace the old one you’ve been holding on to.

Protect your new furniture, rugs, or flooring from damaging UV Rays from the sun with shade solutions like awnings, window sun screens, or patio shades to reduce the amount of sun enters your home

Create a place for gathering.


Try a retractable awning to add another source of shade in your back or front yard. You can easily set up some tables when you have guests, and retract it when you’re not entertaining. Retracting awnings can also reduce the risk of damage during the monsoon season. All Pro Shade Concepts are the experts in the installation of awnings in Arizona.


Make your back patio comfortable for your guests by installing patio shades (roll-up shades that enclose your patio) which can reduce sun and heat exposure. Customize your shades with different options: manual or motorized control, screen privacy transparency level, or get the zipper sealed patio shades to keep bugs and debris out. Get full luxury with smartphone control options.

Updating the look of your house can be refreshing and motivating to find more ways to better your life. If there are any ways All Pro Shade Concepts can help you in the journey they are happy to help. Call (623) 201-4969 or visit for more information.

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