Shade Solutions Every House in Arizona Should Have

Living in Arizona, you know you’re in for a great deal of sun. Whether you are hiding out from the summer heat in your home, or enjoying the incredible weather of the spring or fall in your yard, shade solutions are key to making a comfortable Arizona home. Shading your windows with sun screens can bring significant savings in cooling costs, and shade structures in your yard protect you from the damaging UV rays of the sun.


All Pro Shade Concepts provides traditional and retractable awnings for cooling comfort from the Arizona sun. All of our awnings are made with high quality fabrics and come with a 10-year warranty.

All retractable awnings have the option of being motorized whether open roll or enclosed in a cassette. With motorization, we use Somfy motors which have options for one channel or four channel remotes. We now offer MyLink by Somfy which allows you to control your shades or awnings from your smartphone. To top it off the motors have a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

When it comes to the fabric, we use both Sunbrella and Sattler which come in a variety of colors. Both have a 10 year manufacturers warranty. We also have the ability to add a drop screen to the end of an awning as well as an adjustable pitch which will allow you to raise or lower the awning to the pitch you desire.

Patio Shades

Enjoying Arizona’s outdoor life is so much more pleasant with our roll shades for your patio. We can incorporate advanced technology wind sensors, motorized rollers and smart-phone controls to make your shades easier to use.

Patio shades are a great way to enjoy your patio without being blasted with the sun. We carry a variety of patio shade options including manual open roll shades and manual roll shade enclosed in a box which has 6 powder coat colors to choose from. All shades have the option of being motorized either open roll or enclosed in a box.  To secure the shades we can use cable guides, tracks or zipper shades but all shade options come standard with steel cable guides.


Alumawood Shade

Whether you’re attaching a shaded area to your home, or building a freestanding private retreat, an Alumawood® Shade Structure has the design flexibility needed to make your vision a reality.

With the embossed surface of an Alumawood® Shade Structure, you’ll enjoy the beauty of a richly textured wood grain finish — with a fraction of the maintenance and upkeep. Unlike wood, Alumawood® Shade Structures won’t crack, peel, warp, or rot. They’re also termite-proof, won’t burn, and never need painting.

You can choose two different product lines for this structure. Laguna Lattice, it can reduce 40%-60% from sun exposure without screening the refreshing breeze. There’s Newport Solid Roof for maximum protection. All of these structures are safe because it won’t burn, crack, peel warp, rot or attract termites. It will definitely protect and shield you from the sun, rain, or other elements.

All Pro Shade Concepts are Experts in Installing Shade Solutions in Arizona

You need to talk to experts who can give you more ideas and options that suit your budget and your home. Quality products and services are provided to the Valley of the Sun by All Pro Shade Concepts. Just set up an appointment or call directly, so they can answer all the questions you have about proper shading of your home.  You are definitely in good hands with All Pro Shade Concepts. So give them a ring at (623) 204-1476.

Design a Trendy Outdoor Space

In Arizona, everyone loves being outside when the weather is nice. It’s fun to gather with loved ones in your backyard, forgetting about the intense heat of the summer. Even if it’s a small space you can eventually turn it into something amazing.

Deciding What Shade To Put Up

This is an important thing to consider, especially with the dangers of too much sun exposure. It’s not just setting a simple table and chair outside your house, it’s about making an oasis, a place for entertaining and relaxing. Awnings are a great way to provide shade for your family and friends. There are many awning types that you can choose from with All Pro Shade Concepts. You can choose from stationary to retractable, to portable and motorized. You just have to be very keen in choosing one to match with the type of environment that you have. If your location is windy, stationary awnings are not really recommended but you can always ask an expert at All Pro to help you in making sure that it will endure any impact. Portable awnings are something that can be transported right away to one place or another, so you can definitely use that if you have bigger outdoor space and would often want to alternate spots. For motorized and retractable awnings, these are the common modern shades that are useful to those who want to control your shade with ease. You can easily operate these type of awnings with controls.


Alumawood structures are also a shading option that might suit your needs. When you think of the word “wood”, maintenance is something that you keep in mind. But with this type of shading, you don’t have to worry about cracks, peels, warps or even termites. It is actually made out of recycled aluminum so it is a “no maintenance” shading structure option.


Think of the benefits that you can get when you install one. Aside from being able to enjoy the outdoors, you’d get to protect your family when you are out under the heat of the sun. It is a balance of style and comfort.


Choosing your Style

This is a fun step to create a vision of what you want to achieve in your dream outdoor space. Bring your space to life and make the area inviting to the eye.


  • Add furniture – You don’t want to leave the space as empty as it was. So start add furniture that can match the color of your awning or alumawood shade. This is where you can also choose the best style that matches your personality. You may add wooden furniture to add a homey vibe. The cushions and chairs should match with the furniture to make sure it is comfortable and sophisticated. You can also look for neutral colors to create a fresh and calming environment.  If you want to feel glamorous, you may try to place throw and pillows with pretty textures and prints.  If you have vintage furniture at home, don’t just hide it in your stockroom. Match it with pastel and neutral colors and surround it with other antique finds. For modernist, you may try the striped colors of black and white. You can also choose furnitures that is perfectly pain or sharp.



  • Place Plants –  It is actually plain and simple, but plants can put a scenic appeal for your outdoor space.



  • Accent Lighting –  If you would want to relax and take a cup of coffee at night, outdoor spaces are the best place to stay. String lights, or bistro lights are commonly used in outdoor spaces. With this, you can achieve a perfect personality of your outdoor space.

What is more relaxing than being able to enjoy nature in your outdoor space? Take advantage of the nice weather and bring your vision into reality with the help of All Pro Shade Concepts. They are the experts in providing The Valley with beautiful shade structures for all design ideas. With all the ideas presented, a trendy outdoor space is very achievable with All Pro Shade Concepts. Call (623)201-4969 NOW or visit to learn more.